Often, your Nan does know best. In honour of Grandparents Day, we thought we’d round-up all the helpful, and sometimes downright bonkers, beauty advice our Granny dearests have given us over the years.

Interestingly enough, most of it is quite similar to the tips you’ll currently find circulating around natural, DIY-beauty blogs and Pinterest boards. It seems some things really don’t change, do they?

From the chemist:

Pond’s Cold Cream
A household name in beauty since 1910, Pond’s Cold Cream has been a facial staple for generations. Not only does it remove dirt, oil and makeup, it also has a signature scent that can only be described as “clean”. Its creamy texture is a welcome reprieve from harsh cleansers and exfoliants. Most die-hard fans will also claim that it gives your skin an ethereal glow. At £6 a pop, we’re sold.

We know Vaseline is a cure-all for anything from chapped lips to cracked cuticles. But have you ever tried using it on your wrists and neck to make your perfume’s scent last longer? How about on your eyelids, for the dewy look that’s tres chic at the moment? You can also mix it with a bit of cinnamon for a natural lip-plumper. Super cheap too, bonus!

Vitapointe Conditioner
Yes indeed, you can still find this stuff at your local Boots. And while some profess bad memories of too-shiny hair, others still swear by it (Nans among them). We don’t necessarily recommend a daily dowsing, but it is great at repairing split ends and adding shine after bleaching or other intense treatments.

pouring olive oil

From the kitchen:

Olive Oil
This natural moisturizer is packed with antioxidants that smooth and rejuvenate your skin. Try using it — the extra virgin, cold-press kind that is — in place of body lotion right after showering. While some ladies lather it on straight from the bottle, others prefer to mix it with water and spritz it on as a mist. Word on the internet is that Sophia Loren did the same thing, so…

Tea Bags
Unsightly under-eye circles? Post-crying puffiness? Tea bags! Pop them in the refrigerator for a few minutes until they’ve chilled a bit, then set them on your peepers for an instant perk-up. Another Grandma remedy in this scenario are slices of raw potato, since they will draw imperfections out of the skin too.

We ARE thinking what you’re thinking, and yes a caprese salad sounds lovely. In other news, garlic has long been known to have many health and vampire-repelling benefits. In its raw form, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Try slicing a raw clove in half and rubbing the inside edge on pesky face spots or bug bites. You’ll be amazed.