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The UK’s biggest ever online shopping day is on the horizon with Britons expected to spend a minimum of £15,625 per second* this Black Friday! 


We want you to save as much as possible, so here we assembled a list of all Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for this year - daily updated by our team. Furthermore you will find savvy shopping tips and we will keep you informed about the latest news as Black Friday approaches!


Wondering what is Black Friday? Search no more, here is our guide to understand everything about Black Friday and how to enjoy mad discounts with some tailor-made tips and tricks!


This year, Black Friday will be on 29 November 2019 and marks the start of the biggest shopping weekend of the year. It has become one of the most famous day of the year in the American calendar with the phenomenon catching around Europe as well.  That day, the best deals and some very impressive discounts on all sorts of items attract millions of people around the world to go shopping in-stores or online to get great bargains on all sorts of products.



Let's start with a piece of Black Friday history


Ever wondered why it is called Black Friday? The term was first related to the infamous stock market crash that happened in New York on 24 September 1869 when two speculators and partners: James Fisk and Jay Gould tried to corner the gold market. However, the government stepped in and ordered the Treasury to sell gold in large quantities creating prices to fall, and many investors to lose their fortunes. This event created financial devastation for months after that in the United States and was named Black Friday.


But Black Friday has evolved and now, there are different theories as to where the name came from and as to why it is called Black Friday. The first theory refers to a time when accounting was still done on paper, at the time, when in deficit: Retailers would write the losses in red ink, as opposed to black ink that indicated the profits, therefore naming that day Black Friday as retailers would get out of the red zone. However, it is also rumored that the name Black Friday actually came from the Philadelphia Police Department at first. The day after Thanksgiving, Philadelphia always hosted the Army-Navy Game which used to cause traffic jams, the streets would also be completely overrun, causing all sorts of headaches to the Police Department which nicknamed it Black Friday. But it seems retailers found the allusion too negative and came up with the ink color story instead...


Black Friday did not simply become the biggest shopping day of the year (it dethroned the last Saturday before Christmas nicknamed: Super Saturday back in 2001), it is also the start of the shopping season that leads to Christmas. Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving which is always celebrated the fourth Thursday of November, and has created "relatives" that are now also famous shopping events and great occasions to save money in-store or online: Grey Thursday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday is the day of the year with the best deals especially for items like TVs, appliances, tablets and jewelry.




Great tips to help you make the most of Black Friday: 


  1. Look out for vouchers and promotions! Black Friday is the monster when it comes to promotions for appliances like TVs or Computers, but be careful as delivery fees for such items can be higher than usual, so it can be very savvy and time-worthy to look out for some voucher codes for a free delivery for example. Of course, make sure the terms and conditions of the voucher code will work with Black Friday promotions as well.  
  2. Have your shopping list ready. It is better to face the Black Friday madness if you know exactly what you want. If you dream to buy a new phone, a tablet, a TV or even some designer clothes, it will make your experience smoother to know exactly what items you’d like to purchase. It is also a great way not to spend extra money: there will be some very good deals that could make you buy items on an impulse only because it has a reduced-price rather than because you need it.     
  3. Wake up early! If you plan to celebrate Black Friday in-stores, then wake up early! You will avoid missing on the best items as most of them will be gone before afternoon. It can also be fun to be part of the frenzy, we actually compiled some fun facts about Black Friday at the end of this article so you’ll have something to chat about with your fellow shoppers.
  4. Stay tuned to Cyber Monday deals! Cyber Monday is the little sister for Black Friday and can offer great deals too. Cyber Monday focus on online deals rather than Black Friday which is more about in-stores sales.
  5. Be prepared! If you have already located the items you want online, be ready! It can be very helpful for you to create an account in advance on the concerned retailer’s online store. Why? Because some items will be heavily discounted and will sometimes be gone in a matter of minutes. If you create an account on the online store where you spotted the items you like, you can beforehand: put the items you wish in your wish list or in your basket for example, it will be easier to find them on Black Friday, you will be quicker and you will experience a smoother check out!
  6. Stay updated on Voucherbox. Many retailers and shops release more details about their big offers and deals ahead of the start of Black Friday, it’s a great way to get prepared to snap up the next best deal.



A list of the best stores offering the greatest deals on Black Friday:

Don’t miss out!


Amazon Black Friday:


What was special? Last year, Amazon offered discounts up to 20% on some of the most-loved brands, like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony for example, they also had offers with discounts reaching 31% off TVs and some very contagious daily deals.

Anything else? If you are planning to celebrate Amazon Black Friday, you should know that Amazon Prime offers a lot of advantages and can be tested one month for free, you can cancel your Amazon Prime subscription anytime so they are no risks of being renewed if you don’t wish to continue.


Asos Black Friday:


When? Asos started their specials on the dot last year!

What was special? In the last three years Asos have offered a very simple but efficient formula which is a discount of 30% on pretty much all their stock.

Anything else? They also offered voucher codes for the occasion. Bless Asos.


Ebay Black Friday:


When? Ebay was right on time for Black Friday 2018 and offered deals until Cyber Monday.

What was special? They had huge discounts on Apple products, 4K TVs, and a great offer on Xbox. Ebay will of course be a retailer to look for on Black Friday 2019.

Anything else? Ebay has also daily deals during that period and we strongly recommend to keep an eye on those.


Samsung Black Friday:


When? Samsung had a very customer friendly idea by editing a catalog dedicated to the big event four days before the official start of Black Friday.

What was special? Samsung is big on Black Friday and offers some of the best bargains in town, last year they offered discounts on Galaxy Smartphones and tablets, on their smartwatches, TVs, their laptops and Chromebooks, we guarantee that it will be worth taking a look this year.

Anything else? Nope, but we would like to underline that Samsung has been one of the biggest player on Black Friday and keeps showing up with mad discounts.


On Black Friday, look out also for brands like Macy’s, Ikea, Vans, Apple, Asus, Acer Argos, HP, Target, Dell, House of Fraser.



Avoid Black Friday Scams: our top tips

Black Friday will be the biggest shopping day of the year with Brits set to spend over £1bn in one day.  This means a flurry of excitement for consumers as they shop to get the best deals. However, it isn’t all shiny happy money saving people who are out to take advantage of the day. Consumers are prime targets on this day for internet fraudsters looking to try and take their share of the vast amounts of spending happening on this day.

Fraudsters will monitor which goods are likely to be most popular on Black Friday and will build fake retailer sites in order to sell such in demand tech goods such as smartphones or consoles at “unbelievable” prices. If the price looks too good to be true, and the site is unknown, think twice before making a purchase & check our tips below before proceeding.


Consider our online safety tips for Black Friday:

  • Don’t feel under pressure to make a purchase as it seems like a great offer – if you have any doubts, don’t make a purchase!
  • Makes purchases on credit cards, not debit cards.
  • Be alert & look out for poor grammar, spelling mistakes or poorly made brand images which may indicate that a site has been thrown together quickly.
  • Check that the URL is legitimately from the recognised retailer’s website, make sure it is and not, for example.
  • Use payment verifications systems such as Verified by Visa.
  • Beware of clicking links in emails that could lead to a scam site.
  • Use online secure payment systems such as PayPal & never transfer money direct to a bank account of someone you do not know.
  • Make sure there is an up to date firewall installed on your computer.
  • Shared Wi-Fi zones, e.g. in a café may not be secure, avoid making purchases here.
  • Ensure the payment page starts with HTTPS not HTTP, as this indicates a secure page.


Last but not least, some fun facts about Black Friday:

  • Black Friday or Plumber Friday? Black Friday is not only the biggest shopping day of the year it’s also the busiest day for plumbers. Apparently, systems get clogged from having so many customers… Happy Black Friday to all plumbers!
  • In the US, a recent survey has shown that 12% of shoppers are drunk on Black Friday. Cheers to that!
  • The days from Thanksgiving up to Cyber Monday has been nicknamed the Black Weekend and in the US, it now captures 20% of all online shopping.
  • Shoppers in the UK will queue 38 minutes on average, but the worst queuing time was recorded in Southampton with 58 minutes approximately to snatch away the best deals.
  • The Nintendo switch was the most searched item last year. As a new product it was not even necessarily discounted but the sales still went up the roof.
  • Video game consoles are often the kings of Black Friday. Consoles such as Sony PS4 can be pricey and are some of the first products snatched at Black Friday, so get ready to find your next video game console at a tantalizing price on Black Friday 2019. Last year, the Sony PS4, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One S were in the front lines for online searches.
  • This is not only in the US or the UK, Black Friday has now spread to over 15 countries in the world and continues to thrive!

Here you go, we hope you have found our excitement for Black Friday contagious and that you are now completely ready to start this big event that has become Black Friday! Happy shopping!



And don’t forget Cyber Monday!

If you didn’t find the deals you wanted on Black Friday, don’t worry – there is still Cyber Monday! On the Monday following Black Friday you will find exclusive online deals; some even better than the Black Friday sales. Even smaller retailers offer great deals at this time. Keep an eye on the Voucherbox deals to make the most of this entire shopping season.