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We review thousands of vouchers every day.

This is why we’re sure to always provide you with the best vouchers available – if not, we’ll donate £5 to a charity.

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When you click on one of our offers and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission.

Our Promise

At Voucherbox.co.uk we aim to provide you with all the best quality vouchers available at any given time. In doing so, we promise the best* vouchers and discounts on offer are available on our website. Should this not be the case at any time, we will donate £5 to a non-profit organisation. You can choose between: Doctors Without Borders, SOS Children’s Villages and Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

All of our vouchers have either been negotiated exclusively with our partners or are sourced via official channels. We process thousands of vouchers every day to ensure we can always offer the best deals and vouchers.


How does the Best Coupon Promise work?

  1. Have you found a working voucher code somewhere else that isn’t listed on Voucherbox? Feel free to send it to us using the submission form. You will reach it by clicking the Best Coupon Promise icon on our merchant pages.

  2. Please fill out the submit form completely with your contact details, where you found the voucher and the voucher code itself. Also, please check if the code complies with our terms and conditions.

  3. We will then check the voucher and aim to respond to you within one working day. If the voucher you’ve submitted works, we’ll add it to our database and donate £5 to a non-profit organisation – as promised!

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! Our goal is to always offer you the best voucher codes. Should we not meet this objective at any time, we will donate £5 to a non-profit organisation.

The donation will only be authorised if the voucher you’ve submitted is not already in our database yet and it complies with our terms and conditions.

If you have any questions regarding our Best Coupon Promise, please take a look at the terms and conditions or email us at: promise@voucherbox.co.uk.

Eligible voucher codes

  1. Our Best Coupon Promise only covers vouchers that can be redeemed online.

  2. The voucher code you have submitted has to be valid for at least 24 hours.

  3. Generally, this offer only applies to shops that take part in our Best Coupon Promise. You can see if a shop is participating on the corresponding shop page here on Voucherbox.co.uk: 

    Best Coupon Promise Badge
    Best Coupon Promise Badge

Non-eligible voucher codes

  1. Unfortunately, printable vouchers are excluded from our Best Coupon Promise.

    Printable coupons
    Printable coupons
  2. We are not permitted to publish exclusive vouchers of other sites. For this reason, they are excluded from this offer.

  3. Voucher codes that are only valid for a limited number of users (e.g. one-time redeemable vouchers, vouchers for closed groups or special member offers) are not eligible.

  4. Special offers and sale campaigns that don’t need voucher codes to be redeemed, are also excluded.

If you would like more information regarding our Best Coupon Promise, please take a look at the complete terms and conditions.