Back to school, back to school… even if you’re not the one returning to any hallowed halls, it’s impossible this time of year not to get caught up in the rush.

We started thinking back to when we were kids: long before iPhones, when the internet was something you had to dial up to, and there were no thrifty living bloggers or bitcoins or (gasp!) online discount codes. How did we go about saving money? Or for that matter, earning it in the first place.

As it turns out, lots of imaginative and decidedly analog ways. We might just bring some of them back:

1. Digging around in the sofa for money that fell out of adults’ pockets. If there was none to be found, at least you could build a cushion fort.

2. Selling off terrible Christmas and birthday goods. No automatic bidding there, innit.

3. Selling off your younger siblings’ possessions at flea markets. Entrepreneurial, unless you were the younger sibling and lost your bike/Super Nintendo. #sozzle

4. Collecting pennies in a huge jar. So. Many. Pennies.

5. Cutting grass. Hay fever be damned, you wanted that Spice Girls CD!

6. Washing cars. Yup.

7. Shovelling snow off your neighbour’s drive. Ugh.

8. Babysitting. Or as we always thought of it, being at the mercy of small demons.

9. Buying cigarettes and then selling them off to other kids at school for 25p each. Rebel rebel.

10. Saving up the lunch money your parents gave you every day and spending it on better stuff. See: comic books, sweeties.

11. Lemonade stand. There’s always money in the banan–lemonade stand.