Feed your family for £2 and help support Zambia’s most at-risk children

As we bid farewell to 2016 and look ahead to the new year, many of us are hoping to make positive changes.

To kick start this sentiment, Voucherbox.co.uk has teamed up with Zamcog to present The £2 Challenge: Can you feed you and/or each person in your family for £2 per head per day?

The challenge is simple. We want you to feed you and/or your family on £2 per person for one day, and write about the experience. For each post published about the £2 Challenge, Voucherbox.co.uk will donate £50 to Zamcog to help the charity continue their goal of supporting Zambia’s most at-risk children through food and education.

Once your £2 challenge post has been published, we’d love you to nominate one other blogger you know who might be interested in partaking in the challenge although that’s not compulsory. You can nominate a fellow blogger or writer on Twitter using the hashtag #2poundchallenge.

The challenge will kick off on Monday January 16th until the end of Feb, just when everyone is looking to save some money after Christmas.

It costs £2 to feed, educate and clothe a child in Zambia every day. In an effort to change the way we think about food, Zamcog would like the blogging community to cut down on their food spending and waste for one day.

Voucherbox.co.uk are always looking for a way to give back, and teaming our love of living frugally with this fantastic cause has meant that we are able to support the amazing work that Zamcog do each year.

With the influential blogging community behind us, we really hope that we can raise some real awareness and money to help continue the education and feeding of at-risk children in Zambia.

 Julie-Anne Uggla, Founder of Zamcog says “We’re delighted to work with Voucherbox.co.uk to raise awareness to one of the integral aspects of Zamcog’s work. At the Shitima School we not only educate children to improve their lives but also provide basic needs such as food and clean water. Any money raised from this campaign will go directly to funding nourishment at the Shitima School. The blogging community are incredibly influential and with their help we can raise money and awareness for Zamcog and continue to support our children.”

We have now concluded our campaign and are delighted to have raised £2050 for Zamcog.

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For more information or if you would like to take part in The £2 Challenge, email alice.austin@voucherbox.co.uk or call on 0203 868 8085

Zamcog is a UK based charity that is dedicated to helping feed and educate Zambia’s most at-risk children.

Voucherbox.co.uk is one of the UK’s leading voucher publishers, including money-off vouchers with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Ocado.

T’s and C’s

  1. The £2 Challenge will take up one day
  2. It challenges you to feed you or your family for £2 each for one day
  3. For every post published on a website, Voucherbox.co.uk will donate £50 to Zamcog. Duplicate posts on the same site will not be valid
  4. The challenge will continue through the end of February but Voucherbox.co.uk withholds the right to stop the challenge sooner depending on volume
  5. Bloggers* and publishers will be entitled to compensation for taking part in this challenge from Voucherbox, however all proceeds may also be donated to Zamcog at the publisher’s discretion. *Criteria for this campaign is available on request, compensation may vary