You’ve heard the anecdote, “Labels are for jars,” but have you ever heard the saying, “Jars are for everything”? Of course you haven’t because we just made it up — but it’s true! And here are some clever ways you can put those emptied-out jars to good use:

Bathroom storage.
It’s time to put those cotton buds and balls on display for all the world to see (and for your guests to find easily). There’s nothing more visually pleasing than a row of upcycled glass jars neatly holding the tiny bathroom necessities that are usually roaming all over the place. If you haven’t much surface space free, try mounting the jars directly to the wall, or using some reclaimed wood to make a unique floating shelf.

The only thing more on-trend than a terrarium is a terrarium in a funky glass jar that was previously used to house mustard. Some of the easiest terrariums have air plants in them, which are plants that don’t need soil and are fairly low-maintenance. Using jars to grow herbs and other small plants is an excellent re-use option too, just make sure there is somewhere for the excess water to drain.

Candlelight is pretty much the most flattering light source of all time, and is highly inexpensive as well. And while a well-placed taper or two adds moody romance to any table setting, votives and tea lights pose much less of fire hazard when it comes to approaching them with big hair and/or draping sleeves. Place candles into variously-sized jars and distribute them around a room or throughout your flat. The diffuse glow will be magical, and the additional light sources will help you save on electricity. It’s a win-win.

chocolate and peanut butter pot de creme

Food + Drink.
Jars are a great way to create easy, single-serving options for a dinner party or potluck. Petite English Trifles in their very own vessels? Pie-in-a-jar, topped with whipped cream? One of our favourite grab-and-go brekkies is yogurt layered with nuts and fresh fruit and sealed up in a little takeaway jar that’s perfect for busy mornings. Additionally, if you’re running short on water and/or wine glasses, jars are a whimsical (and free) alternative to taking an IKEA trek.

Frames are just so 2005. Your favourite snaps fit just as easily tucked frontside-out into a jar and placed lovingly on a sideboard/desk/mantelpiece. We especially love this idea on Listotic of grouping differently sized jars all together for a clean but eclectic look.

It’s always when you’re in the zone, knitting away like a fiend, when disaster strikes: one too enthusiastic a pull and that perfectly round yarn ball launches itself over the side of the sofa and gets practically to France before you’ve caught up to (we won’t even mention how long it takes to get all the yarn rolled back on). Gamechanger? Take that leftover, cleaned-out pickle jar, drill a hole in the top, pop your yarn inside for proper containment. This also works wonders with unruly twine and ribbons.

Image attributions: Flickr users Βethan and abakedcreation.