If you don’t like the gym rat appellation or if you just want to avoid the routine, boring, repetitive indoor workouts at your fitness centre (or you could just be apprehensive about catching something from machines that others use), then here are some fun ideas that might just appeal. These are more fun, more interesting and in cases eco friendly ideas that you will find are a huge improvement to the tiresome sameness of the gym.


Walk to wherever possible: to the shops, to work, to school, class or whatever. No petrol bills, no parking woes; just a fitter, healthier body!

Cycle to work

If you cycle to work, you don’t have to take the extra time out for a workout. You get all the benefits of walking, but you get there earlier than you would if you had walked. Cycle in your work gear, or just carry a change of outfit with you.

Take up trekking/hiking

Enjoy long rambles in the countryside close to you or take weekend trips out of town with friends and family. Hiking or trekking are fun and relaxing ways to remain fit!

Play a sport

Take up cricket. Or play football or basketball or tennis or table tennis – any sport that appeals to you and which you have access to. The sociable nature of any sport will make this activity an effortless way to keep fit.

Learn pole dancing

If you thought this is something that only strippers do, think again. Pole dancing now has a world championship and pole dancers are campaigning to make this an Olympic sport! As for the kind of upper body strength pole dancing helps you develop, well you have try out this very challenging activity to know!

pole dancing woman

How about some aerial yoga?

If you think Pilates is passé, and that regular Yoga is a yawn, you could try out some aerial yoga instead. Traditional yoga postures are adapted to work with large silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling – strengthens the core, relieves stress and gives you a great workout!

Fancy fencing?

You may think that wearing a mask and jabbing with pointy rods is not much of a workout, but you’d be surprised at how fast paced fencing can be. Not only does it require physical nimbleness, it also hones mental agility.

woman fencing

Toss a ball/Frisbee

Play with your kids or with your pet. Great family fun and a surprisingly good workout!


Nothing helps you work out the entire body like swimming. And if you can find a heated pool, imagine the joy of wallowing in warm water with cool morning breeze!

Ballet/Zumba/Jazz dance

Some good music, fun moves with friends (or by yourself), a wonderful workout that feels nothing like a workout; what’s not to like! Like swimming, dancing can give your entire body a workout. You can take a class or just pump up the volume in your own house and thrash your arms and legs about with gay abandon!