Britain is a nation of thirsty drinks as highlighted by our latest infographic which shows just how much beer and wine we get through every second!

In fact, British drinkers sink 247 pints of beer every single second, with 232 glasses of wine consumed per second, as beer still just edges it as the country’s favourite tipple.

When it comes to wine white is the nation’s favourite with 24 bottles being drunk every second, which is equivalent to 6,266 glasses a minute. This is followed by red wine, with 100 glasses drunk every second, with rose in third place.

Vodka, gin, rum and whisky also have their place with 279 million litres of spirits downed last year – the equivalent to 353 shots per second.

Britons spend over £15 BILLION every year on drinks, either going out or staying at home, and we drink far more beer than wine down the pub.

Figures for ‘on trade sales’ – pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants – show that beer constitutes 54% of all drinks enjoyed out and about, with wine (19%) and spirits (14%) less popular.

But off trade sales in shops and supermarkets show we enjoy far more wine at home (36% market share) compared to beer and spirits (24% each).

Meanwhile £18 BILLION is spent in total every year in Britain’s pubs including food and other refreshments.

The infographic provides a real-time glimpse into Britain’s drinking habits.

UK Country Manager Shane Forster from said: “It is fascinating to see just how much we enjoy a tipple and how much we get through between us per minute.”

“Now the recession is behind us, some Brits have a bit more cash to enjoy a bit more of what we fancy – and it seems that includes opting for nice pint or a glass of chilled white wine.”

“If it’s in moderation, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a drink at the end of a hard day’s work and this real-time infographic shows we aren’t the only ones who think so.”