Diet tips from Team GB 2016

What better time to reassess your life goals than a few days before the Olympics begin? Every four years the world becomes captivated by the games, and whichever corner of the globe you’re from, it’s always a staunch reminder that perhaps you could be doing a little more to stay fit and healthy.

Voucherbox published a recent study that reveals the amount of time and money it will take to become an Olympic athlete in four years. With the most expensive sport (Equestrian) costing a whopping £468,000 to train for four years, we thought we’d look into how much it would cost to eat like an Olympian too. Their diet is slightly more affordable than their training regime, and it’s an accessible way of changing your life for the better.

We looked into the diet of several sports stars competing in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio and shared their wisdom on how you can eat just like a pro…

honey roast ham


The most important meal of the day for an athlete, Olympic trainers warn against missing breakfast and embarking on exercise on an empty stomach. Jade Jones, Taekwondo pro and Team GB competitor at Rio 2016 says “I like to have six different fruits with yogurt for breakfast all mixed up, so that is giving me all of my five a day already and I’ve only had breakfast.”

Breakfast is vital to Olympic athletes to ensure their body gets the right nutrients to prepare for hard training sessions.  Jade Jones also swears by nutrient bars to help give her energy throughout the day. Here’s the cost per week of eating breakfast like an Olympian:

Rachael’s Organic Greek Style Yoghurt x3 = £4.50
Sainsbury’s Fruit Medley x 3 = £3.75
Trek Peanut Power Wholegood Energy Bars x 2 = £5

Total: £13.25



It’s clear from our research that each sportsperson has similar daily routines and schedules. They get up, have a nutritious breakfast and then tend to train for 3 or more hours.

As a result, lunch is a vital time to help re-building muscles and making sure your body is packed full of nutrients to keep the athletes fueled for the rest of the day.

Many Olympians recommend storing up on carbs and protein for lunch. Protein helps repair muscle damage and the right kind of carbs, such as whole meal rice or new potatoes, will ensure you have energy for the rest of the day.

Liam Phillips, Team GB 2016 BMX qualifier “When we go away to a race now we take a rice cooker with us to cook rice and quinoa. Then we have chicken and things that we can eat at the track that we actually have control of so that we are making sure that our body is fuelled efficiently.”

Quinoa from The British Quinoa Company x 2 = £5.50
Pack of 3 chicken breasts x 2 = £8
Extra Small Fruit and Veg Box from Abel&Cole = £11

Total: £24.50



After a long day of training, the final meal of the day needs to be more protein-based than carb-based in order to rebuild the body and slowly release energy as the day comes to a close. Dinner is often lighter than lunch as the athlete won’t be burning so many calories after the meal. 

Olympic gymnast Daniel Purvis says “The meals that I will rely on in the run-up to Rio are the ones that I have taken before. Everything is high protein, high carb and energy sufficient.”

Meals that consist of meat and vegetables are popular among Olympic athletes. Purvis says he often will have meat, whether it’s beef, chicken or gammon, with potatoes and veg for dinner.

New potatoes x 1 = £1.50
2 x Gammon steaks x 2 = £6.40
2x Fillet Steak x 1 = £11.73
Tender stem broccoli x 2 = £4

Total: £36.53

If you want to eat like an Olympian athlete every day, our research shows it’ll cost you £74.28 per month. Not too bad considering the health benefits; stick to this for 3 months and you’ll be fitter, faster and healthier.


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Rib eye steak

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