Some days nothing will do apart from a giant cheesy pizza to feed your cravings, and it is very temping to go online and order from your favourite pizza joint so that in 45 minutes there will be a steaming hot, square box of goodness in your living room.  However, this pizza will be costing you a lot more in both money and calories.

Our research shows that a large Domino’s pizza costs 9 times more than making the same sized pizza at home yourself which would cost you a total £1.50.  If this is a regular habit then mastering how to make your own pizza at home will be a huge saving.

Furthermore, making your own pizza at home will cut out a large number of calories and fat – Homemade pizzas can reduce calories by almost half per 100g and cut fat by more than half per 100g. E.g, a large 13.5 inch take away margherita pizza from Papa John’s costs £12.49, plus it contains an enormous serving of 2260 calories and 75 grams of fat.  Making your own will consist of around 1500 calories and much less fat at 36 grams.

Quite significant differences were also discovered between making your own pizza at home from scratch, and buying a fresh supermarket pizza, the cost per 100g being 22p verses 64p, almost triple the price for the pre-made option.

To save more on pizza, read OUR TIPS:

  • If you are going to get a takeaway, use a voucher code.  It is simple, free to use, and many are available for the likes of Domino’s and Papa John’s
  • Eat pizza as part of a balanced diet, too much of one thing is not good for you!
  • Try making your own pizza from scratch at home and experiment with the recipe until you perfect it
  • If you know you will likely have a hangover on Sunday, buy your ingredients and make the dough the day before.  Then you can simply roll out the dough and throw the toppings on top, minimal effort and much cheaper & faster then ordering a takeaway
  • Buy frozen or fresh pizzas when they are on offer and store them in the freezer.  Add your own toppings to enhance the flavours and make it to your taste
  • Make the pizza from scratch with a group of friends in order to spread the cost and have fun while doing it!