So you’re tired of that blue top which you really liked and wore for a long, long time. And you’ve had quite enough of that scarf that you used all of last winter. And then there is that tartan shirt that your dog decided to chew up as a snack! You are stuck with all this old stuff that you either don’t know what to do with or do not want to just give away. So what do you do with all that stuff in your cupboard? Sure you can add some bows, buttons or lace inserts. But there’s much more you can do: here are some ideas to re-purpose, re-fashion and up-cycle your clothes to give them a fashionable new twist:

Jeans into cutoffs

This one probably made you go DUH! Obviously! So cut them right off to the length that you like, then distress them, add some art work with fabric paint, fray the edges and perhaps add some tassels, beads, or even an appliqué or two.  Get the bleach out for an even more extreme change!

Scarf to wraparound skirt

You like the colour, you like the feel, but just too many people have seen you in that scarf. So transform it into a funky skirt; a new avatar and a whole new lease of life!

Tee into a shopping tote

Your tee may be a little tatty with wear, could have a hole or may now be unwearable for some other reason. Transform it into a tote bag: add handles, sew up the bottom and make a few alterations.

Old jumper into a cushion cover

If that fave jumper shrunk in the wash or if you’ve just about outgrown it, transform it into a cozy little cushion cover. Add some nice buttons and then you have a nice accent piece for your couch!

Plaid PJs into plaid scarf

Your flannel PJs are nice and soft and warm, but you’ve had enough of them. Plus they aren’t sexy. So transform the bottoms into a nice scarf by making a few alterations.

Skirt / boob tube exchange program

Your sexy boob tube can transform into a short, flirty skirt and your short, clingy skirt can change into a sexy top.

Old tees into a scarf

Tee shirts that you outgrew, that have spots or which got discoloured in the wash. Cut out squares of these (use the picture, logo or the slogan where possible) and stitch them up length wise to create a highly individual, one of a kind scarf.

Denim Bag

Denim skirt into bag

Seam the lower edge, add handles to the top and make any modifications required. There you have a super cool tote, complete with outer pockets for your phone, a pen, your personal music system and more; plus plenty of room for all the other paraphernalia you want to carry.

Patchwork quilt

Any old clothes can come together to make a cozy and interesting patchwork quilt. Old tee shirts, shirts, jeans, or anything really. It may be a bit of a labor of love, but it will turn into something that you will treasure!

For more inspiring upcycling ideas there are many Pinterest boards that you could spend hours ogling over.  Happy crafting!