Recently our favourite French bulldog Karlsson received a Town Hound Treat Box in the mail from our friends over at Pets Pyjamas. He was kind enough to share his thoughts about it with us, so you too can learn about all the doggone awesome products Pets Pyjamas have to offer — and for which Voucherbox conveniently has great discounts.

First of all, thank you for sharing so many goodies with me — though I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t because I’m quite irresistible. I mean, have you seen my ears? Anyway, I originally thought the box itself would be the most fun thing to chew on, but then I saw that it had my name on it as well as a handsome picture of me sporting snappy Hunter S. Dogson sunnies. So I spared its life, and waited patiently for my human assistants to open it on my behalf (I never dirty my paws with things like the mail).


Lo and behold, there were far better things on the inside — and some new ready-to-wear, even. When my assistants put the bandana from Creature Clothes around my collar, I was immediately delighted by its on-trend pattern and colours — which do quite well to bring out my eyes, don’t you agree?


Next I sampled the puppy popcorn from Billy + Margot, which is flavoured with seaweed. It was delightfully crunchy, and I noshed so much that I needed to have a good, long drink of water from the the portable pop-up bowl that was so graciously included. I don’t tend to carry my own drinking accoutrements (how pedestrian!) but my assistants were quite enamoured of its shape and size. Then, after a vigorous chew on the fetching black and white rope toy, I thought I’d have a wee tipple of the Champas Papas (real Frenchies drink champagne, after all). I fear I may have overindulged a bit, however, and ended up needing to have a bit of a lie-down.

french bulldog

Luckily I was revived later with the help of Health Mutt’s Organic Soothe Shampoo and a refreshing dip in the tub. I’ve been watching my carb intake lately (they go straight to my jowls, it’s appalling) but I still had a few tiny nibbles of the Woof Bar from Four Legged Fancies — and I must say, I fancied it quite a lot.

Two paws up, Pets Pyjamas. I’ll be having one of my assistants order me another package very soon.  Au revoir!