The hotly anticipated iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were launched last week and unsurprisingly, despite their hefty price tag, preorders are being placed thick and fast. Costing between £539-£619 for 16GB models, the same launch costs of last year’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, we wanted to see what this cash could get you in place of the in-demand devices.

Two Second-Hand Original iPhones and Accessories

As our recent research into the cost of a new iPhone shows, you could treat yourself and a pal to an original 2007 iPhone with enough money left over to splash out on a few accessories. Although these collectors items are seen as fairly chunky, they offer a trip down memory lane and retro style credentials aplenty.

2036 Apples

Voucherbox Verything Apples Apple iPhone6s Buy

Why get one apple when you can buy 2036?! Sure, these kinds aren’t so good for staying in touch with loved ones, but you’ll enjoy 5 and a half years of doctor-free days if you eat one daily.

Roughly 12 Pairs of Long-Range Walkie Talkies

They lack the ability to send picture messages and texts, but if everyone you communicate with is only ever up to 12 miles away these could be an option. Although saying “Over!” after every sentence could become annoying.

Thirteen Carrier Pigeons

Verything Voucherbox Apple iPhone6s Buy Pigeon

Get back to nature and a time before tech with approximately thirteen feathery note-farers. However it’s not an entirely fool-proof method, with a percentage of the birds known to never reach their destination, and the pigeon’s less than endearing reputation making you less likely to warm to the idea.

A Mid-Range Drone

These fantastic flying gadgets could be used to drop messages to mates and their HD cameras could take some amazing aerial selfies. However low battery life and a plethora of developing laws regarding where they can or can’t be flown may hinder communications.