Parenthood comes with a price tag, and family budgeting is one them! It can be tricky to stick to a budget when you’re constantly refilling the fridge, shelling out for a new wardrobe and buying new shoes for growing feet. So how can a growing family save money?

Take a look at these simple top tips to help you begin your successful family budgeting journey and start saving money straight away.

1. Plan ahead

Whether you’re trying to keep the kids entertained at the weekend or during the school holidays, a family day out is a great way to do it. Before you go make sure you do your research. Booking entrance tickets to an attraction or play centre online, rather than on the door, can save you as much as 20%.

Check out deals like this lot from 365Tickets to make even more savings on a whole host of activities.

Family budgeting: Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) Manchester

Of course free is always better. Here’s our top five free museums across the UK:

1. British Museum, London
2. Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester
3. Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel, Glasgow
4. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham
5. Egypt Centre, Swansea

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2. Food glorious food

If you’re like most parents, then you probably feel like you’re constantly refilling the fridge, and the reality is you probably are. To avoid overspending from buying food as you need it, an online supermarket shop can help keep you in budget. Even more so with this £20 off an £80 shop at Sainsbury’s for new customers.

Introducing a meal planner to organise your family’s weekly meals will also keep you on track so you know exactly what you’re buying. There are loads of free meal planning and recipes apps out there. Try Change4Life Smart Recipes or Cook with M&S… mmm.

3. Get crafty

With Christmas fast approaching, buying presents and cards can get expensive. So why not get a job done while entertaining the kids at the same time by getting them to make them for you? Not only will it save you some money, it gives your gifts a personalised touch and provides you with a fun way to spend some quality time with your children.

Family budgeting - get crafty with the kids to make Christmas presents, like this penguin snow globe

Check out these marvellous ideas from, including candles, jewellery, snow globes and more.

4. Shop around

Before you buy your essentials, why not shop around? We recently examined the cost of 20 of most popular beauty products across four high street stores, and found that you could save as much as £56.67.

There are also a whole host of money saving sites which can help you compare product prices across major retailers. Chances are you will find the same brand of nappies or box of biscuits for a cheaper rate elsewhere.

5. Have a clear out

Having a clear out is good for the soul and the bank. Growing children means a lot of spending to keep them in clothes and shoes, but it also provides you with a lot of potential to make money from the outgrown items.

Ebay is great for selling more expensive items, or in bulk, which is perfect for age specific clothes or shoe sizes. On a individual basis however it can be rather time consuming, so you may want to consider local car boot sales or using Facebook to identify local buy and sell groups.