Hint: fruit is not one of them.

When it comes to buying out of season — that is, not in line with standard retail cycles — you stand to save a bootload, particularly on pricey and desirable items. It does require a good amount of planning in advance and often thinking carefully about purchases (like clothes) to make sure you avoid buying things you won’t want when the time comes to wear/use them. Pairing your purchase with a voucher code can also bring your total spend down to something more

Below is a handy month-by-month guide for when to buy which products for maximum savings.

What to Buy in…

July, August and September

  • Swimming Costume:  The selection might be waning, but retailers will be clearing out their summer inventory and therefore offering deep discounts. If you’re nervous about looking off-trend, try grabbing some basic bottoms that will match your favourite bikini tops, or a retro-styled one-piece that will look throwback chic no matter what’s a la mode. This is also a great time to snag beach cover-ups and shorts.
  • Home Decor: Since this is prime wedding season, and therefore prime registry season, stores will be promoting the best of their domestic offerings. This includes some kitchen electronics and other items like linens. Totally an excuse for a new set of candlesticks.
  • Plants: Particularly in September, nurseries and home improvement stores will start discounting their summer plants to make way for autumn and winter stock. You can keep a kitchen herb garden alive all winter long, can’t you? Now’s a good a time as any to try.

October, November and December

  • Jeans: The back-to-school rush has pretty much ended by mid September, so by October most of the jean and denim ranges will be highly discounted.
  • Pyjamas and Slippers: As part of Christmas and gift promotions, a lot of stores offer sales on sleep and loungewear. We think you definitely deserve a cosy gift for yourself amidst all the Christmas-shopping craziness.
  • Outerwear: The best time to shop for a new winter coat is December, hands (mittens?) down. Since generally everyone in need of a new coat has gotten one at this point, retailers (both online and otherwise) will be dropping prices to make sure they don’t have too much stock leftover come spring. Plus, we think you’d look just fetching in that knee-length black peacoat.

Child in pajamas

January, February and March

  • Everything: Post-Christmas January sales are the bargain shoppers’ happy place. With deep discounts on everything from electric toothbrushes to snow boots, it’s the best time of year to buy that high-priced item you’ve been eyeing since the January before.
  • Furniture: According to Real Simple, furniture designers debut their new collections in the spring. This means retailers need to make way for new inventory before then, in February primarily. Chesterfield, anyone?
  • TVs: All the new-fangled TVs that are introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January will be making their way into stores by spring. This means during March the TVs that are SO last year will be heavily discounted.

April, May and June

  • Leather Jackets and Boots: If you can bare to let new leather goods languish in your closet for the summer, shop for ‘em in the spring; this is when prices on those mid-weather clothing and shoe items drop drastically. The good news is that by the time chilly weather comes around again, your ensemble will be all set to go.
  • Second Hand: Because of yearly spring cleaning traditions, thrift and charity shops are over-flowing with new donations in April and May. Let the digging commence!
  • Dishware: Especially in June, the official start of wedding season, stores will be promoting both their fine and standard china ranges in order to entice domestic gift-buyers as well as soon-to-be happy couples. Tea time won’t know what hit it.