Want a great way to send yourself down a rabbit hole of inspiration — and envy? Search #walkincloset on Instagram. Maybe sit down first.

Or have a look at our roundup of the most impressive closets we found! We’ve even added a few tips on how to spruce up your own…

1. Fit for a Diva

This space has it all: shelves, racks, drawers and probably a champagne fridge hidden somewhere. Recreate the look (on a smaller scale, perhaps) by organising your favourite shoes and bags on an exposed bookshelf — bonus points if it’s built-in.

2. Retro Eclectic

We love how cosy this closet-cum-dressing room is. Adding a bold wall print, or a statement piece like the vintage dress form, is always an effective way of infusing a space (or corner) with character.

3. Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

Since we’re so used to shoes being on the ground, it sometimes doesn’t occur to us to store them up high: but this simple, effective way of using an overhead rack for storing heels is brilliant.

4. Pretty Pretty Princess

This is basically our dream closet: clean and sophisticated, with everything in its place. SIGH. We love the slanted shelving for shoes, and are also glad to see that even those most glam of closets still have some overhead storage boxes for the bits and bobs.

5. Sweet Dreams are Made of Mirrors

Not only does a big mirror serve to open and brighten any space, we’re pretty sure this bad boy is doing double duty as a door. Placing a chair and vanity next to to the rack and open shelving also helps to give the area more of a cohesive feel — especially if it’s part of the bigger room.

6. A Natural Touch

This is the first branch rack we’ve seen that wasn’t unbearably twee. We also really like the idea of having it hung so that you can easily slip bags and hats over one end.

7. Masterfully Minimal

Organising clothing according to colour or shade is an easy way to instantly make your closet look more put together, especially if you use uniform hangers as well. And who can resist an artfully placed mid-height shelf? Not us, surely.

Any awesome ‘grams we totally missed? Let us know in the comments!


Header image curtesy of HBO.