Black Friday will be the biggest shopping day of the year with Brits set to spend over £1bn in one day.  This means a fury of excitement for consumers as they shop to get the best deals. However it isn’t all shiny happy money saving people who are out to take advantage of the day. Consumers are prime targets on this day for internet fraudsters looking to try and take their share of the vast amounts of spending happening on this day.

Last year over the Christmas period, Brits were scammed out of a total of 12.4 million. With the huge predicted spend this Black Friday, our research shows that Brits could face being cheated out of over half a million pounds in one single day.

Fraudsters will monitor which goods are likely to be most popular on Black Friday and will build fake retailer sites in order to sell such in demand tech goods such as smartphones or consoles at “unbelievable” prices. If the price looks too good to be true, and the site is unknown, think twice before making a purchase & check our tips below before proceeding .

Consider our online safety tips for Black Friday:

  • Don’t feel under pressure to make a purchase as it seems like a great offer – if you have any doubts, don’t make a purchase!
  • Makes purchases on credit cards, not debit cards
  • Be alert & look out for poor grammar, spelling mistakes or poorly made brand images which may indicate that a site has been thrown together quickly
  • Check that the URL is legitimately from the recognised retailer’s website, make sure it is and not, for example
  • Use payment verifications systems such as Verified by Visa
  • Beware of clicking links in emails that could lead to a scam site
  • Use online secure payment systems such as PayPal & never transfer money direct to a bank account of someone you do not know
  • Make sure there is an up to date firewall installed on your computer
  • Shared Wi-Fi zones, e.g. in a café may not be secure, avoid making purchases here
  • Ensure the payment page starts with HTTPS not HTTP, as this indicates a secure page
  • If you think you have been scammed, report the crime here