With the semi-final just round the corner, we take a look at the stats to see who will win the nations favourite show…

It’s safe to say the nation is hooked on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. So ahead of the final, we have delved into the last 12 years of the show to find out who is tipped to win, by examing the best, worst and indifferent performers to date…

  1. Alesha Dixon was the most successful singer in the show’s history
  2. Despite Alesha Dixon winning a seat on the judging panel, Natalie Gumede has the highest average judges’ score in history
  3. TV presenter Quentin Wilson is the worst scoring dancer in Strictly history with a miserable average score of just eight points per dance
  4. Soap stars are historically successful, with Hollyoaks taking the title of the highest achieving soap with an average of 34 points per dance
  5. EastEnders has provided almost half – a whopping 45% – of soap contestants ever to take part in the competition
  6. Rugby players on average have finished two places higher than footballers on the show
  7. Singers and musicians perform best on the show
  8. Until this year’s show, former MPs averaged a dismal 10th place in the competition
  9. Politicians are the worst performing contestants with an average score of just 17 points per dance
  10. At 23 points per dance, Ed Balls exceeded expectations and bucked the trend of former politicians, who have scored the lowest points with the judges