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The makers of the graze box, Graze took eating to healthier levels by creating tempting snacks with natural ingredients. Keitt mango, Chilean raisins, and flapjacks from a family recipe - Graze invites everybody to eat healthy!

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About Graze

Graze began when a group of 7 health-minded friends got together to discuss how to enjoy their favourite snacks in a healthy context. They all loved food, but had begun to notice how unhealthy snacks were bringing their health down, and fat levels up.

So they decided to invent their own snacks. The range of wholesome snacks they came up with not only tasted great, but were healthy too! They shared their discovery, and before they knew it, people wanted more. So they started a company with a few simple boxes called graze boxes, which they filled with a diverse assortment of wholesome snacks. And the business of Graze was born.

Now we all know and understand that nutritious food usually costs more than unhealthy food. But you may be able to bring the price down to reasonable levels with our free discount codes.


Graze Logo

Using your free promo code

As you can see from the image above, these healthy boxes are packed with love. And the contents are rather amazing. But we'll get to that soon, right after you learn about what you can save money on at this shop. Speaking of saving money...'ll want to check out these takeaway and delivery shops for more great discounts:

  • Hungry House is an online gateway for food delivery fanatics. There's nutritious options here too!
  • Gousto is one of the most convenient ways to cook dinner. Select a box size, choose your recipes, and find the ingredients and directions delivered the next day to your door!
  • HelloFresh not only creates new recipes for you. You can also order a veggie or family box with the ingredients you need.

Back to the Graze promo code collection.

As you search our discount codes, you can expect deals similar to these:

  • 50% off your first order free coupon code
  • Free discount code for a snacking box for only £3.99
  • More free promo codes are soon to come, keep your eyes open!

Also, don't forget that there's a free offer for half off of your first order at the website.

Use your free discount code and save!

There's all sorts of great ways to save money on your purchases. But how many cash saving methods take little more than seconds of your time? That's one of the best perks of shopping with our online coupon codes. Second to actually saving a bunch of money of course. Here's the simple steps to redeem your free promo code:

1. Visit
2. Click "have a special code? enter it here »" and pop in your coupon code
3. Choose your boxes and where to send them, and finish up your account
4. Sit back and wait for the postie - and enjoy your snacks! 

Once you go through those simple steps you'll see how easy modern savings are, at least when you have a convenient collection of free promo codes! 

Graze box

Do you have a Graze sweet-tooth?

Here's a short preview of some of the delicious sweets from the selection:

  • Little Puds... cakes, puddings and more. Even these little treats are healthy!
  • Guilt-free High Tea... with tasty partners like carrot cake and banana bread.
  • The Graze Brownie: Flour made with almond powder? Brilliant!

Graze health & nutrition in brown boxes

Here's a brief overview on the contents of your nutrition packed in brown Graze boxes. You influence what will turn up in your boxes with the ratings and answers you choose at the website. There's a range of over one hundred scrumptious and wholesome snacks, including:

  • Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts
  • Dried fruit and dips
  • Olives and seeds
  • Flapjacks, cakes, and popcorn

Once you've finished the ratings, you get to choose the type of graze boxes you'd like. These are your options:

  • The Boost Boxes: This is the strictest, most wholesome box with the most nutrient dense foods to give you a powerfully natural boost.
  • The Light Boxes: As the name implies, these boxes have one goal in mind. Keeping you light! It's full of the lowest calorie snacks. Everything is between 50 and 150 calories, but it's far from diet food. These delicious boxes are great if you’re watching your weight.

Social media links

  • Graze Facebook - Hear about the latest wholesome selections and more!
  • Graze Twitter - New deal offers and free specials can be found here, plus more on ethical responsibility.
  • Graze Instagram - Look through some great photos!
  • Graze Pinterest - Browse the Graze boards.
  • Graze LinkedIn - Watch free videos about wholesome snacks that taste better than unhealthy ones!


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