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You have a sweet tooth and you're okay with it - and why shouldn't you be? Chocolates are delicious. The Chocolate Tasting Club will satisfy those sweet tooth cravings with savoury samples made from freshly picked Saint Lucia plantation cocoa.

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31 December 2022

Useful tips and information

Chocolate Tasting Club Voucher Codes

If you love chocolate then Chocolate Tasting Club just may be your new love. With a membership at Chocolate Tasting Club you'll have the chance to taste a new variety of flavours every four weeks. You'll be able to rank your favourite chocolates to have them featured in all of Hotel Chocolat's stores. The kitchen that's creating these incredible flavours is full of sweet treat experts. They continually come up with new ideas and concepts for combinations. So if you want to have a go at some of the most coveted chocolate inventions then you should consider joining the Chocolate Tasting Club.

The chocolate tasting club logo
The chocolate tasting club logo

What Chocolate Tasting Club can do for you

How many times have you found yourself day dreaming of swimming in chocolate rivers, and plucking delicious chocolates off of chocolate trees? Probably not too often. But you have to admit that sounds pretty awesome. Being in the Chocolate Tasting Club may not be quite the same experience, but you'll no doubt be in chocolate heaven. Here's what you'll find from them:

  • Become a member and receive new chocolates every four weeks.

  • Gift cards.

  • Create your own chocolate.

What they do is pretty simple. The Chocolate Tasting Club is part of a company called Hotel Chocolat's where you can buy these lovely chocolates as gifts, or even keep them for yourself to enjoy. But if you become a member of the tasting club, you'll be able to enjoy these awesome new candies on a regular basis.

Chocolate Tasting Club
Chocolate Tasting Club

Find a discount code for the Chocolate Tasting Club

Joining the club doesn't cost much. But that doesn't mean you don't want to save money on it! If you want to stop paying full price for everything you buy online then there's a very simple solution. Use a discount code! When you reach into a box of chocolates and eat the last one it's an incredibly sad moment. Thankfully we have thousands of vouchers available for companies all over the web, so you never have to reach the end of them. Here's a few of the deals you'll find for Chocolate Tasting Cub:

  • Free Gift plus £10 off your introductory selection.

  • £10 off at Chocolate Tasting Club.

  • £3 off introductory selection.

  • Even more coming!

Sounds like some pretty huge deals right? It may not be quite the same experience as biting into a delicious chocolate, but saving all this money in one place is pretty great! Keep in mind that you can only use one code per order, so you'll have to pick one that best fits your order. Here's some other places you'll be able to get a great deal as well:

Thankfully the awesome deals don't end at the end of this list. You can get tonnes more if you just take a little time to find them. Just put your favourite shop into the search bar and have a look at the discount codes!

The Chocolate Tasting Company
The Chocolate Tasting Company

Learn how to put your voucher to good use

When the Chocolateers at Hotel Chocolat's do their thing it takes extreme focus. They ensure that every step along the way is done perfectly so that every piece of chocolate is as enjoyable as the one before. Thankfully it doesn't take the same kind of monotony to use a discount code. You just spend a few moments searching for it and entering it in. Here's how it's done:

  1. Pick out your favourite chocolate treats and add them to your shopping bag.

  2. Go to your "Shopping Bag".

  3. Below your list of items you'll find a box labelled "Do you have a voucher code?".

  4. Enter a discount code into the box.

  5. Watch the price drop as you take your savings to the next level!

How awesome is that? Just a few moments and you can go from being an ordinary shopper to an extraordinary shopper! What makes you extraordinary? You don't just go through the payment process and pay whatever it tells you to pay anymore. Now you know how to bring that price down to where you want it.