The staggering difference in public transport prices across Europe

A single ticket in London costs almost double a monthly ticket in Bucharest

New research has unveiled the staggering difference in prices of public transport in the most popular travel destinations in Europe.

The study by money saving website has revealed exactly what it would cost to travel on public transport in Europe’s capitals, including analysis of single, daily and weekly tickets.

Researchers looked at the cost of tickets in Europe’s top tourist destinations including cities such as Helsinki, London, Madrid, Bucharest and Berlin.

They found that the data changed dramatically from city to city, including some dramatic differences between single and day tickets in the same city. For example, a single ticket in Copenhagen costs £2.73 but a daily ticket costs a staggering £14.85. Similarly, a single ticket in Brussels costs £1.78 but a weekly ticket costs more than London, coming in at £41.23.

European public transport prices table

Perhaps unsurprisingly the researchers found that London was the most expensive city for public transport, closely followed by Copenhagen, a city notorious for its costliness. However, the cost of a single ticket in London was almost double the price of a single ticket in Copenhagen, officially making London the most expensive city for public transport in Europe by a very long way.

For those looking to save a little cash over their summer holidays, consider picking an up-and-coming European city for a cultural injection without breaking the bank. Budapest, Moscow and Bucharest are the three least expensive cities in Europe, with Bucharest costing under 40p for a single ticket and only £3.74 for a monthly ticket. That’s almost half the cost of a single ticket in London.

Researchers found that the further east the city, the less expensive it is, so take this into consideration when booking your mini breaks this year.

Marco Piu, General Manager at says, “It amazes me how diverse each country in Europe is, with such staggering differences in prices amongst the capital cities. Unsurprisingly, London has come out as significantly more expensive than any other city, but perhaps this information will encourage holiday-makers to explore the less-travelled destinations such as Bucharest, Budapest or Warsaw.”

Public transport prices across Europe inforgraphic

Note: All prices were calculated at the exchange rate recorded on 09/05/2017