Are you doing business whilst doing your business?

Busy workers on a roll admit to making calls and sending emails whilst on the toilet

Following news that James Corden takes his phone with him to the toilet, it’s not just nature calling when British workers take a toilet break as a third (33%) admit to talking to a colleague on the phone while on the loo.

Examining how much business is done on the toilet across the UK, money saving website conducted a survey to discover that more than three quarters (77%) of the population take their mobile phone into the toilet with them, and it’s not just to update their social media profiles.

With flexible working on the rise and ‘always on’ demands away from the office, three quarters of Brits (76%) work on the loo from home with a further one in ten (13%) using toilet breaks in the office to multitask.

Those officially working from the bathroom are not just calling a colleague as over half (58%) have sent an email to their boss or client whilst on the loo, a figure that goes up to nearly two-thirds (63%) for Londoners. One in twenty (3%) have even joined a conference call – let’s hope they were on mute.

When not ticking off their to-do list while taking a leak, more than half (51%) admit to making an online purchase from the toilet seat, with more than nine in ten (92%) of those regularly spending up to £20 on a monthly basis. 2% use the toilet as an online shopping haven flashing £1,200 of cash a year – meaning they spend a penny, while the spend their pennies.

Men are 22% more likely than women to always have their phone accompany them whilst doing their business. The most poo-lific age group is 18-34 year olds who are the most likely of all the age groups to always have their phone by their side, with 87% bringing their phone to the loo with them.

Keen to multitask, 47% of respondents choose to take their phone to the loo to get more done. Men however are 9% more likely to use the toilet as a space to get some peace and quiet, as are those in the North East who feel their toilet is a space to have a moment to themselves (49%).

74% of respondents are keeping a tight grip on their phone having never dropped it down the can. Over 54s are most cautious with 90% of phones belonging to that age group staying out of the bowl. Meanwhile 18-24 year olds are the clumsiest with 18% of phones going for a swim. Although they seem to have learnt their lesson as none of them have done it again, something 5% of 25-34 year olds can’t claim.

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Brits spending a penny infographic Are you doing business whilst doing your business?