One month in: Top 30 facts mark the Pokéconomy boom [infographic]

Despite Pokémon Go update furore, fans aren’t ready to give up the hunt

As Pokémon Go marks its first month milestone in the UK, topping the app charts ahead of Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook, consumer money-saving website takes a look at everything we know so far about the game since it burst onto mobile phones and streets across the country.

Pokéconomics – a booming business

There is clearly a lot of money to be made from businesses selling insurance, wearables, matchmaking services and the like, as well as users marketing themselves as trainers, selling their accounts and snapping up domain names. Users particularly are proving to be quite the business moguls with a Pokémon Go account selling for £7,000 on eBay and nearly 4,000 domain names being created within 7 days of the game’s release.

One way to catch a criminal…

The police certainly seem to have reaped the most rewards of the game. Criminals across the world have fallen into several traps, some of which planted unintentionally by developers. In Detroit police recognised a wanted man who cycled round to the nearby ‘gym’ – inconveniently also a police station. Meanwhile another hunter crashed right into a police patrol car after being distracted by a passing critter.

Pokémons first, safety second

Whilst creator, John Hanke, may have envisioned the game connecting users to their environment, some hunters are clearly not looking beyond their screen with fans ending up in a firing range, falling off a 90ft cliff and even driving into a school.

This may cement the safety concerns that are appearing amongst reports of injuries, crime and even fatalities. However, Pokémon Go has also caught some positive attention, including the health benefits for those getting out and about, from increased fitness and weight loss to removing anxiety for autistic sufferers.

Shane Forster, Voucherbox UK Country Manager stated: “Pokémon Go has become quite the global phenomenon. As with anything on this scale there has been some negativity surrounding the game, and a handful of people not taking it in the spirit intended, but ultimately it has brought people together; in mass meet-ups, getting out with friends or even finding love amongst the creatures.

The business opportunities that have come as a result are quite sensational, and if you have the time to invest in building your account, you can make some serious cash. It will be interesting to see further propositions appear, as well as future developments of both the game itself and virtual and augmented reality.”

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Pokemon Go LS3 One month in: Top 30 facts mark the Pokéconomy boom [infographic]

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