Pokémon Go leads to increase in searches for phone insurance

Monsters are not the only thing Pokémon Go players are looking for

The release of Pokémon Go has led to a huge increase in the search for mobile phone insurance, with enthusiasts looking to protect their devices as they trek the length and breadth of the country on the hunt for monsters.

Voucherbox.co.uk, the leading voucher retailer, has reported a 52% increase in searches this month for mobile phone insurance, warranties and repairs in the three weeks since the games release in the UK.

Multiple issues have arisen for users since the introduction of the augmented reality game, with car accidents, phone thefts and children walking across motorways, to name just a few. One possible theory for the rise is that gamers – fully focussed on catching the characters – may now be at an increased risk of damaging their phones or having them stolen as they play in public, totally unaware of their surroundings.

Shane Forster, UK Country Manager of Voucherbox.co.uk said, “Pokémon Go has led to a big debate around safety concerns, so it makes sense that people are now looking to guard themselves against these potential issues. Securing phone insurance could turn out to be the best catch that these gamers make!”

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