Britons choose Beckham as the celebrity face of the pound

England’s golden boy David Beckham comes top of the polls when asked which British celebrity the UK would like to see on their sterling notes or coins, with the popular footballer & family man winning 42% of the vote in the top 5 results. The new research has come shortly after the Royal Mint announced new coin designs for the 50 pence and £2 coin featuring Beatrix Potter tales and Shakespeare plays which are to be introduced into circulation in the spring of 2016.

Following Beckham on the list of British celebrities is Stephen Fry with 23% and Sir David Attenborough in third position with 14% of the votes. Completing the top 5 overall is Sir Winston Churchill with 12% and Britain’s number one tennis seed Andy Murray who received 10% of votes from the 1,500 Brits who took part.

Further results, which comes from research commissioned by online savings website shows Beckham winning amongst the 18-24 age group, with Drake, the popular Canadian rapper coming in second place with 17% of the votes. Other favourites in this age group were Boris Johnson and the Scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle.

Recently deceased David Bowie appears in the top 10 results amongst the 55-64 year olds with 6% wanting him as the face of the UK currency. The renowned musician also features in the top 15 overall celebrity choices in the study.

Stephen Fry overtakes Beckham in the 25-34 age range with 27% of the vote compared to 23%. Jane Austen appears with 18% of the votes in this age group, the highest featured female in the age group rankings. Incidentally, £10 notes with the face of Jane Austen are set to be launched in the UK in 2017.

Beckham appears most popular amongst 45-54 year olds with a massive 51% of votes in this age group. Following his recent death at the end of 2015, Lemmy the front man of Motorhead received an 11% vote within this age group.

The 65+ age group favour Churchill with 44% of their vote, who is also to be the face of the new plastic £5 note which will be launched into circulation this year in the UK. The cheeky duo Ant & Dec were placed 4th in this age group with 11% of the votes.

Looking at the gender split, Beckham is the only common name between the sexes in the top 5 results. While men voted for figures such as Churchill, Alan Turing, Ken Dodd and Shakespeare, the female voters top 5 were favouring Stephen Fry, Attenborough, Jane Austen and Andy Murray.

The Scottish top 3 votes go to Andy Murray, Rangers F.C. Manager, Mark Warburton and their first minister Nicola Sturgeon with Beckham falling out of the top 5 north of the border.

The GBP coins and notes currently feature figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Fry, Charles Darwin, Adam Smith, Sir Walter Scott and more. A public nomination closed in July 2015 as to who would replace Adam Smith on the current £20 note, where over almost 30,000 nominations were made.

Shane Forster, UK Country Manager for commented, “British people are very proud of the pound and so who is representing the UK on the GBP coins or notes is important to the public. Beckham is a great choice as he represents a younger generation of famous Brits who has had a positive impact on the nation”

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