Brits spending over £200,000 on Christmas gifts every minute

10,000 mince pies and 15,000 units of alcohol consumed every minute in December

New research from money saving website shows a snapshot of what we consume and buy as a nation at Christmas time, with Brits spending £200,000 on gifts every minute during the eight week Christmas shopping period through November and up to 25th December.

It is perhaps no surprise that many Brits gain weight during the festive holidays as the UK will consume almost 10,000 mince pies, 1240 Christmas puddings, and drink almost 15,000 units of alcohol every minute in December, during the run up to Christmas.

A massive five tonnes of potatoes will be eaten every minute over the festive season, and Christmas Day will see 115 turkeys eaten per second, according to the figures gathered by

In 2014 the UK’s consumers spent more on Christmas gifts than any other nation in Europe, splashing out 32% more than those in France and Luxembourg who were joint second in terms of Christmas outlay, with Austria and Spain also in the top five. It is estimated that 14% of an average Brits’ monthly salary is spent on Christmas gifts for their friends and family.

Indeed, ‘tis the season for giving and in the eight week shopping period running up to Christmas Brits spend around £3500 on gifts per second. However, Christmas presents are not always to taste and figures show that around 4% of the total spent goes on unwanted gifts. Being vigilant whilst shopping online is essential as £150 every minute is scammed from online shoppers during the eight week shopping period before Christmas.

Also during December, 550 Christmas cards will be sent every second, with a metre of wrapping paper being used every minute in the run up to Christmas Day. 264 Christmas trees are being bought every minute and put up in houses across the UK in December and more than 200,000 crackers will be pulled every minute on Christmas Day.

Shane Forster, Country Manager for said, “Christmas is indeed the season of consumption, and while it helps boost the economy, Brits should be careful not to spend more than they can afford. It can be easy to get caught up in the spending hype at this time of the year, however, taking advantage of price cuts that are available in order to be smarter with cash will go a long way for many families.”

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