Staycationing vs. Travel Abroad; The High Cost of Holidaying at Home

In recent years the staycation, for many Brits, has become a staple of summer. The notion that staying closer to home allows holidaymakers to save cash is an idea firmly ingrained in the nation’s mindset. With 67% of those surveyed stating they would be likely to choose somewhere in the UK as their main summer holiday, and cost being the highest ranking influencer for those who holiday at home, we wanted to investigate if staycationing really is the cheapest option for cash strapped Brits. By using our average hotel and daily costs as reference we calculated that for a 7-night get-away Brits could save £368.90 by holidaying in Portugal over staying in the UK, leaving adequate funds for flights and transfers.

Below are more of our key findings:

  • 67% of Brits were ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to holiday within the UK, with ‘cost’ being the highest ranking factor for those who holiday here.
  • 19% of Brits – the second highest ranking out of ten countries on offer – thought their money would go furthest vacationing at home.
  • Out of the top ten European holiday destinations the UK resulted as most expensive in terms of average hotel cost, over £20 more expensive per night than Portugal.
  • The UK calculated as most expensive in terms of daily average holiday costs, over twice expensive as Turkey, Spain, Croatia and Portugal in terms of daily spending costs.
  • The pound is at an eight-year high against the Euro and European holidays are cheaper than ever, yet many Brits believe they are saving money by staying in the UK.
  • The three most important aspects for those booking British summer holidays are ‘cost’, ‘ease of getting to destination’ and ‘spending time with family and friends’.
  • The three most important aspects for those booking a summer holiday abroad are ‘good weather’, ’cost’ and ‘being somewhere completely different / experiencing a different culture or language’.
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