Yoda has already got the role of Grand Master of the Jedi Order pretty much nailed. But how does he fare taking on the role of other iconic film characters? In the spirit of May 4th, Voucherbox has had a wonderful few days putting together this fine portfoliyoda for Yoda to take to his auditions – sure to help him land his next starring role.

Yoda ditches his robes for 10 iconic Hollywood looks

You can choose Yoda’s final headshot

The portfoliyoda is missing a final headshot, and Yoda needs your help.

All you need to do is choose the character you think would complete his portfolio out of the following:

Batman, Elsa, White Goodman or Mad Hatter? Who will Yoda be next?

a) Batman
b) Elsa
c) White Goodman
d) Mad Hatter

Tell us your answer in the comments section below or on social and the character with the most votes will be created and revealed on Thursday 4th May.

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Update: We agree White Goodman was an excellent choice.

White Goodman does Yoda

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