The official summer bank holiday is almost here for most of us (sorry Scotland), which only means one thing; come rain or shine it’s time to get out the barbie for the last, and possibly only time this year.

If you’ve decided to host (our first tip is to get an invite to someone else’s BBQ) it’s good to bear in mind the costs. Like any gathering, it always costs more than you think and has the potential to get out of hand. However, it can be done at a reasonable price and we are here to help with some thrifty tips, special deals and a cracking competition for you to feast on.

Do you actually own a barbecue?

Chicken drum sticks on a BBQ

Or have you checked out yours recently? Because if you left it outside, cover on or not, chances are it hasn’t survived the winter.

However, before you rush out splashing the cash on an expensive piece of kit consider the following suggestions:

  • Borrow a portable barbecue from a friend, a relative or a neighbour (do remember to include them on the guest list)
  • Check out your local Facebook groups to see what people are giving away or getting rid of for cheap
  • Search online forums and classifieds, such as Gumtree and Preloved, for some great deals
  • If you’re handy, or even better have family and friends who are, try your hand at building your own – it could turn out to be as fun as the party itself!

If you feel that buying a BBQ would still be your best bet, shop around. A simple, portable charcoal BBQ doesn’t have to cost much at all, or for an even cheaper option try the old disposable numbers.

What else do you need?

Bank Holiday BBQ Essentials

Once your BBQ is in place, you can sort out other details based on how long your guest list is. These are the essentials:

  • Paper plates and other disposables are required to free your mind of clearing up and really enjoy the party. You can grab some cheap throwaways from most discount stores, or have a dig around in your cupboards and you may find a few from the last party.
  • If you’re expecting your guests to break into dance at some point, and your Bluetooth speaker doesn’t quite cut the mustard, ask around for some nifty speakers you can borrow.
  • You’re having a barbeque in the Great British summer, so you need to consider the rain. Is there a covered patio or similar structure where people could take shelter in case of showers? Or will you need a canopy of some sort? Be inventive and use any coverings that you’ve got in the house.
  • It’s standard practice for guests to bring their own alcoholic beverages to a gathering, but it doesn’t hurt to stock up on soft drinks – plus anything you would like to drink of course.
  • The trimmings, mmmm. These can be the talking point of your barbie, but you can go overboard and find yourself eating coleslaw for the next two weeks. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a dish, and guide them on what to bring so you don’t have five potato salads.

Isn’t there something we’ve forgotten??

Ribs cooking on a Bank Holiday BBQ - it could be yours

Only the meat! But there is a very exciting reason for that. Our friends at Campbells Meat are giving away four spectacular fresh BBQ party packs including burgers, drumsticks, sausages, ribs and more, worth over £70 for four lucky winners to feast on.

PLUS, everyone who enters gets 50% discount + free delivery (UK mainland) to use on any of the BBQ pack range. All you have to do to enter is sign up for the Campbells Meat voucher alert. After all, you’re quite busy with a party to organise.

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You will find it sitting under the current Campbells Meat voucher codes and it looks just like this…

Campbells Meat voucher alert

*The competition has been extended until midnight Sunday 21st August 2016. Winners will be contacted by email within five working days of this date. All entrants will receive an email by Friday 26th August to get their 50% discount + free delivery (UK mainland only) code.