Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Literally no one, or no one we know anyway.  Not only do Brits love a bargain, we are getting even savvier in our online shopping ways.  We uncovered earlier this year that there was a 43% increase in frequent voucher code usage compared to 2014. That’s what we like to hear!  We delved into some more voucher code stats to find out WHERE the savviest shoppers in the UK are who visit our site. And the results are in.

Manchester came out top with almost 20% of the Manc population visiting Voucherbox. Just behind the savvy Mancs are the bargain hunting Geordies with an equivalent of 18.26% of the Newcastle upon Tyne population visiting the site, whilst in third place is Nottingham with a figure of 14.99%. Those who need to pull their socks up are the bottom 3 on the list including Wakefield, Sunderland and Bradford with a maximum of 2.3% of the population in these cities saving.

What are Brits saving on?

We are a nation of fashion addicts and so unsurprisingly fashion comes out on top with an average of 39% of vouchers used to save on new threads. Wakefield top the polls of the keen fashion savers with 47% of visitors saving on fashion, with London coming shockingly last with 30% of those looking for fashion savings.

Savings used on food & drink came in second place, where 22% of vouchers were from this category. Savvy shoppers from Belfast were leading this category with 36% of visitors looking for tasty reductions. The third most popular category was travel with Londoners saving the most with 20% of visitors trying to save a quid or two in the capital.

And who exactly is saving the most?

Who runs the world? Yes, girls, and they also run the savings world with a 66% vs 34% ratio of who is saving with vouchers. Hi Ci ya, hold tight indeed.

25-34 year olds are the savviest in every city across the UK with an average of 32% of people from each city saving in this age bracket. The next most popular age bracket for saving was the 35-44 year olds.

Who is winning for the golden oldies? Stoke-on-Trent has the savviest OAPs in the whole of the UK with an equivalent figure of 7% of those over 65 years of age in the city looking for shopping voucher deals, a much higher figure than in Sunderland, for example, where that number was just 2%.

Pay it forward

If you know someone who shops online, but you are not sure if they are aware of using voucher codes to save money? Tell them about our site and show them how they could be making extra savings!

savvy shopper infographic