Apart from the Queen, do you normally know who is peering up at you from your notes as you feed them through the Tesco self-service machine on your lunch break?

The past couple of years have seen new plans for Sir Winston Churchill and Jane Austen to be printed on sterling notes, these recent changes are to replace the likes of Elizabeth Fry and Charles Darwin. Furthermore, in the spring of this year, new coin designs for the 50 pence and £2 coin featuring Beatrix Potter tales and Shakespeare plays are to be introduced into circulation.

However with all these figures being long deceased, even these newer choices are not so relatable to the younger generation of Brits. Therefore we wanted to know which celebrity would you like to see as the face of British money.

We asked the UK public what they thought, and footballer, model and family man David Beckham came out top with 42% of the top 5 choices. Being one of the most renowned footballers to come out of Britain, as well as being married to Victoria Beckham, the man with the famous right foot has been in the public eye for well over 20 years and has obviously reached a very high level of appreciation and respect from the British public.

It doesn’t hurt that he was also voted the sexiest man alive by people magazine last year, certainly a much more attractive face for our £10 notes than Winston Churchill who will be on the new plastic £5 note this year.

Following Beckham in the list is Stephen Fry, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Winton Churchill and Andy Murray.

It seems that some young Brits are unsure of the nationalities of their favourite stars with 17% of the 18-24 age group voting for Drake the Canadian rapper.

Looking at the gender split, Beckham is the only common name between the sexes in the top 5 results. While men voted for figures such as Churchill, Alan Turing, Ken Dodd and Shakespeare, the female voters top 5 were favouring Stephen Fry, Attenborough, Jane Austen and Andy Murray.

In 2015 there was also a public nomination held surrounding who should replace Adam Smith on the £20 in which 30,000 votes were made, and since the recent death of David Bowie there has been a petition circulated that it should be him.  An online petition was also an influence in choosing Jane Austen for the £10, so let’s see who will be donning our money in the future!