Love it, hate it or feel a bit irked by it since the dreaded update, you can’t deny Pokémon Go is quite a sensation.

It’s a month on since its release in the UK and we have been inundated with many weird, wonderful and downright terrifying articles ever since – some of which are as difficult to believe as catching an Articuno.

It’s hard to keep up with the craze, so Voucherbox has put together a pretty nifty infographic showing the stats and facts from across the world (read more about it here). Whilst in the spirit we thought we would share 10 top facts from across the UK which show Pokémon hunting is anything but a game:

  • The first recorded person in the UK to catch all available Pokémon was father of four, Sam Clark from Southampton, who walked 140 miles and lost two stone in weight the process
  • Manchester taxi firm, Street Cars, is offering to drive Pokémon hunters around the city for £20 an hour
  • Players have been warned not to enter the A&E ward of The Royal Stoke University Hospital, despite it’s ‘gym’ status
  • A Pokémon Go player in Gloucestershire called 999 to report a stolen Pokemon
  • A group of teenage boys got stuck 100ft underground after entering a cave network in Wiltshire known as the Box mines
  • Nottinghamshire Police received seven calls in one week from concerned citizens regarding suspicious activity, which all turned out to be Pokémon hunters
  • A man jumped out in front of traffic on a road in County Down to catch a Pokémon
  • A coastguard was called after a group of 20 youths stole a boat in an attempt to chase a Pokémon across a lake in Wirral
  • Sophia Pedraza, 26, quit her job as a Teacher to become the first British full-time Pokémon player
  • Pikachu has been spotted outside 10 Downing Street before Theresa May’s first appearance as prime minister

We’d love to hear your hunting tales, so please share in the comments below. To get some inspiration, check out the infographic…

10 top facts from the UK's most dedicated Pokémon hunters infographic

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