The guys at SimplyCook reveal that the majority of us only have six meals or less in our repertoire. Although this sounds very little, once the question has been posed you realise it takes a while to even come up with that many. To indulge my curiosity further, I did a poll in the office and it was bang on, most people said 5-6.

The concept behind SimplyCook is (as the name suggests) simple. They send you a kit including four recipe cards and little pots of spices, pastes, garnishes and similar for each recipe. You purchase the fresh ingredients, of which there are no more than six, and away you go.

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Weeknight meals in minutes - SimplyCook how it works


SimplyCook’s aim is to help the nation expand their repertoire deliciously, conveniently and cost effectively.

As someone who is in the ‘less than six’ category, making tasty meals without any effort and at little cost sounds like no mean feat. So, I needed proof, and SimplyCook were happy to oblige.

The challenge

Getting a parcel is always a delightful moment, but a parcel of food, well that’s the way to my heart. SimplyCook very kindly sent us four kits to experiment with, which gave us 16 recipes. Perfect excuse for an office party right?!

The recipes themselves offer a good selection of dishes from across the globe. On arrival they caused quite a stir in the office, sparking lots of discussions about the dishes and alternatives people could try.

A bunch of us took a recipe card of our choosing, which we were to create in the evening at home, ready to bring in for a Friday afternoon feast.

One of the highlights of the recipe cards themselves is the perforated ingredients list that runs along the edge. Easy to just whip off and take to the supermarket with you – genius!

As we came in the next day, dishes under our arm, we must confess we were prepared to be disappointed. Each dish was SO easy to make, they couldn’t possibly be that delicious. However we are very happy to say we were mistaken, they really are tasty dishes.

SimplyCook four weeknight meals

The aftermath

The party was a great success, perhaps not from a work perspective as there was a definite food coma washing through the office in the afternoon, but the dishes were cleared up in record time. And they looked great, some even looked professional.

SimplyCook weeknight meals greedy Sabrina

For weeknight meals, this is a great idea. The pots go a lot further than you think, so next time I would add a few more fresh ingredients. I made the Goan fish curry, which would have been even more delicious with green veggies.

The kits are an effective way to manage the cost of creating a new recipe, especially for people who don’t have either the stock or knowledge of herbs and spices.

Why not give it a go yourself? For a limited time you can get a box of four recipes and spices for only £1.