What do you do when there’s someone in your life that constantly amazes and inspires you? Show them some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. This the premiere edition of a regular feature in which we highlight the awesome bloggers and sites that we always turn to for a lesson, a laugh, a fresh idea or some eye candy.

1. Fashercise: The Fitness Fashionistas
Banish those unsightly sports bras and old tracky bottoms; Faschercise, founded by friends and fashion colleagues Alex and Cam, is where working out and looking great go hand-in-hand (or weight-in-hand?). From get-up-and-go playlists to a #fitstyle section, snazzy product spotlights (leopard print!) and plenty of real talk about the sweaty pains/joys of an active lifestyle, this is our go-to spot for fitness info and motivation. Did we mention the GIFs are spot-on? Ten points to Racinclaw.
Must Reads: 7 Life Lessons from a Year of Running, Best iPhone Armbands, Gym Hair Tutorials.
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2. Tilly and the Buttons: The Handmade Clothes Maven
Since the only item of clothing we ever made was an ill-shaped scarf that took us roughly four months to finish, we never thought we’d want to take on a bigger project — until we found Tilly. Her warm and welcoming blog (now book, too) is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to make stylish and versatile outfits you wouldn’t be surprised to see on Zooey Deschanel. Tilly’s advice and support for newbies is essential, and we particularly love her vintage-inspired looks, fashion history lessons and photo galleries of her reader’s finished (and impressive) projects.
Must Reads: Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners, The History of the Breton Top, How to Cut a Knit Fabric.
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3. Hand Luggage Only: The Savvy Travelers
Hate packing, love traveling? The helpful dudes behind Hand Luggage Only will give you just the shot of inspirational wanderlust you need to hop on a plane with just your carry on. This visual feast is packed full of tips, hacks and must-see recommendations — not to mention, the writers thoughtfully give you an upfront estimate of how long it will take to read each piece (challenge accepted!). They’ve also got a forum called the Departure Lounge, which connects travelers looking to exchange questions and answers with fellow jetsetters. Bon voyage!
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4. Zoe London: The Coolest Kid in Camden
As far as we can tell, Zoe, your resident DJ/jetsetter/hair dye aficionado, has the life our thirteen-year-old selves (and current selves) dreamed we’d have. With a huge (and welcome) focus on music, she also finds time to write about things like traveling, makeup and home sweet London. To top it off, her voice is smart, fun, insightful and startlingly humble (also the accompanying photos always leave us wanting to purchase a new leather jacket/paint our nails dark purple).
Must Reads: Music Snobs, Traveling Alone, Unlocking Hidden London.
Show Some Love: @zoelondondj

5. The Vegan Stoner: The Munchie Masters
With hilarious illustrations and stunningly simple recipes, the Vegan Stoner is our new go-to for solving dinner time dilemmas. Every recipe we’ve tried has been a crowd pleaser, and we certainly don’t mind a dose of dancing veggies when we’re mid-pot stir and checking the next step. Take a look, and get ready to finally invite your vegan friend over for a meal.
Must Reads/Cooks: Tortilla Soup, Pineapple Pizza, Baked Banana Cake.
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