Have you tried a DIY project this year? Be honest! Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably been tempted.

There are tutorials out there for everything from making your own shampoo to building your own garden fire pit. Many are geared toward helping you keep harmful products out of your home. And almost all of them promise to save you money.

Today we’re focusing on one in particular: DIY multi-purpose household cleaner. Is it really cheaper to make your own than buy it from a store?

Turns out it’s not, actually. Or at least not if you don’t already have all the ingredients.

Let’s investigate:

DIY Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaner

We based our recipe on this great and easy one from Lovely Greens

What You Need:

  • Empty Spray Bottle
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Essential oil (we prefer lavender or peppermint)


Mix 2 parts vinegar to 1 part water. (To make 500 ml of solution, that’s 375 ml vinegar to 125 ml water.) Then add a few drops of essential oil, shake well and start using.

Cost Breakdown:

1 550ml Spray Bottle
Price: Poundland 2 Pack Spray Bottles @ £1 = £.50 per bottle
Total: £.50 for 1 bottle

375 ml Distilled White Vinegar
Price: Tesco 568ml Distilled White Vinegar @ £.39 = £.0006 per ml
Total: £.22 for 375ml

Price: Free

Essential Oil
Price: 10ml @ £1.79 = £.17 per ml on Amazon
Total: £.34 for 2ml



500ml Tesco Multi-Purpose Spray
Price: £.95

£1.06 – £.95 = £.11

And there you have it! The DIY version is £.11 more expensive than store bought version.

That being said, you won’t need to buy the spray bottle every time. And without that cost the price drops to £.56, which is £.36 cheaper than the Tesco version.

Plus vinegar is an ah-ma-zing natural disinfectant.

What are your thoughts: do you buy, or DIY?