With Easter on the way, you may be bitter at the prospect of being surrounded by chocolate you buy only to give away. Well, with our sweet deals, you shouldn’t be! Go ahead and spoil yourself with some sweet treats and savings! After all, why should kids have all the Easter fun? Take a look at the online store offers and deals below you can indulge in this Easter.

General Tips for Easter Savings

  • You don’t have to opt for the more expensive brands; blind tests have shown that there isn’t always a noticeable difference in taste when the premium brands are compared with generics. Although when you’re getting a discount, there’s no need to hold back!
  • Buying bars instead of eggs can work out to be cheaper.
  • Those on a diet, don’t despair! Opt for dark chocolate over milk chocolate as these tend to be lower in calories.
  • If you’re feeling creative, consider creating your own DIY Easter treats by opting for cooking chocolate! Stores such as Sainsbury’s allow you to earn Nectar Points each time you shop online so check out their Cooking Chocolate options.

Easter Offers from Tesco

Tesco currently offers giant eggs at two for £10 from all your favourite brands, including Kit Kat, Cadbury Flake, Galaxy Duet and many others. The cost of other sweet treats begin as low as £1, which gives plenty to pick from for any budget.

 Easter Offers from Not on the High Street

Favourite gift shop Not on the High Street also brings you tasty treats for Easter. The store currently offers 15% flat discounts on all purchases of £100 and up for a limited period. Check out Easter treats such as chocolate and almond eggs, personalised cups with chocolate and many other personalised gifts. Some of these products are also eligible for free delivery.

Easter Money Saving Voucherbox Verything

Offers from Cadbury Gifts Direct

If you’re a fan of this British brand (who isn’t?) check out the Cadbury Gifts Direct online store. On Cadbury’s own Easter Eggs page you’ll find products available at a flat 10% off, as well as reductions on several other products.

Irresistible Offers from Thorntons

Thorntons, the chocolatier that has delighted Britons for over one hundred years, also has a bunch of great offers for Easter. You can currently get 10% off large eggs with our exclusive code, or take a peek at the kids’ mix and match range on-site, available at £15 for 5. The factory clearance section on-site ensures you can find a guilt-free treat for yourself too!

John Lewis offers for Easter

John Lewis offers free click and collect for all orders above £30 and free standard delivery of all orders above £50. Be sure to check out the Easter options including eggs, decor, tableware, toys and more.