I am not a tablet user. Before this week, I had only spent a very short amount of time on my Dad’s iPad (yes, my Dad has better tech than me). However, when Tesco sent us their new Hudl 2 I took it upon myself to give it the once-over and offer you some insight from a tablet virgin’s point of view.

“Sturdy and like a giant smart phone,” was my first impression. The Hudl 2 is fairly compact in size as you can see — despite this, the screen is still large enough to browse comfortably. First thumbs up.

I used the Hudl 2 for standard sofa surfing in the evening, e.g. browsing the web for news and pointless trivia. I also bought a couple of things online and made a Skype call. I did all of these activities very comfortably whilst playing the Portrait versus Landscape game to get a feel for the different views. The lack of a keyboard is obviously a feature all tablets lack and it’s easy to adapt to it. Just don’t plan to write that life-changing novel.

The Hudl 2 is very user friendly in general; there is a child safety feature, you can set up profiles for different users, you can download apps and if you are a Tesco shopper you can easily keep track of all your Clubcard points. There is also room for an extra memory card for up to 32GB.

Other bonuses: it comes in a range of great colours and the speakers are surprisingly good quality too!

Hudl 2 Hand

The areas I found lacking are the camera, as well as the battery life, which doesn’t seem to be very long-lasting, especially when the wifi is on.  These things make the Hudl 2 a perfect stay-at-home tablet rather than one to take on long journeys.

With other top tablets on the market damaging your bank account by at least £300 (barring the kindle fire hdx at £199), there is no doubt that the Hudl 2 is a steal at £129 — if you’re searching for a device for use at home that’s suitable for the whole family, that is. Furthermore, for avid Tesco shoppers you can get it for £65 with a Clubcard Boost. #bargain

If you are looking for a decent but affordable tablet as a Christmas gift, this is a great bet. We recently asked our Facebook fans if they were planning to give a tablet as a present this Christmas and 79% said yes or maybe. This shows that tablets have the potential to be HUGE this year and there is plenty of time to decide on one tablet over another.

Our advice is to ask this question when searching for the right tablet: “What is the receiver going to use it for?” If the answer is along the lines of sofa-surfing for the whole family, trust us, the Hudl 2 really shines for its price.

Thanks to Jan Kuhr Photography for the images.