New Year resolutions are notorious for how short-lived they can sometimes be. As the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”; no matter how determined you are at the beginning of the year, your eagerness may well fall by the wayside before the beginning of February! With this expectation of failure, sometimes the costs involved stops people from beginning New Years resolutions all together. If budget worries are holding you back from being a brand new you, take a look at our money-saving ways to turn over a new leaf this January.

Check out the following vouchers if your New Years resolution is to…

Try new activities

Do stuff that you’ve never done before! Enjoy a spa day, go bungee jumping, learn rappelling, or take up a new sport. Spending money on experiences and not on things is an amazing way to guarantee great memories. Find experiences and ideas to try something new with 20% off a Virgin Experience days.


Travel is a teacher and an entertainer like no other. The more you see of new places the more you learn about life. Visit a part of the UK you’ve not yet experienced and check out their local attractions, or visit a country that has always fascinated you! Use Air BnB discounts to find great rates on accommodation.

Get fit

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You have only one body and you owe it to yourself to look after it. It may be a good idea to get into a structured weight loss program or to invest in some fitness equipment that will help you get fit, lose weight or just maintain good health. Pure Gym offers discounts on memberships and Fitness Superstore currently offers huge reductions on fitness equipment such as treadmills, weights, rowers and elliptical trainers.

Cycle more

If it’s for health or purely to save money on transport, cycling offers you a chance to get fit and go green in one fell swoop! Check out great deals from bicycle and other outdoor sports storesEvans Cycles,  The Cycle Store and Chain Reaction Bikes offer a wide range of changing offers, meaning you’re guaranteed to find something that suits.

Learn a new language

Research shows that learning a new language improves cognitive performance and slows down mental decline, as well as being hugely useful when abroad. Check out discounts on language books and magazines, or browse offers for online stores such as Rosetta Stone.

Make time for your partner

Schedule a date, book a table at a fine restaurant or order in and enjoy a candle lit dinner. Services such as Deliveroo and other Food & Drink vouchers are bound to give you some great ideas! If you fancy whipping something up yourself, order a complete recipe from Gousto or Hello Fresh, delivered weekly so you can regularly schedule an evening in. For something a little more straightforward but simply sensational, find discounts on fantastic steak from Donald Russell.