School break starts in three weeks — are you ready? No one is ever ready. To help, we’ve got you covered with the best ideas for fun, cheap and family-friendly holiday adventures. So that you (and the little darlings) have something to look forward to.

Hire a camper van.
When we were kids, the only way our parents could convince us a camping trip would be fun was with the family VW camper van that was the colour of old pea soup. It was a magical vehicle, complete with working pump sink and a hidden bed in the pop-up roof, and a great way to save money on hotels. And luckily, it’s still a thing that’s available to rent. These five companies offer a plethora of options, all of which are totally Instagram-worthy (for which your fifteen year-old will thank you).

Book a family adventure package.
Perfect especially for teens who aren’t easily entertained beachside by toys and sandcastle construction, holiday adventure packages save a bundle in terms of money and the time it takes to plan and organize activities. These recommended booking sites create tailor-made trips that include history, culture, adventure — and of course some time to be a brooding, moody adolescent as well.

Pick an island to explore.
While plodding around Germany by car and piling out at all the major historical sites/castles/schnitzel restaurants is a great way to learn about European history, it’s also exhausting. Why not start with a more manageable region? Like an island! It’s an ideal amount of space to explore, and packed with hidden coves, quaint seaside villages and long stretches of sand beach. Here are a few we highly recommend.

Bonus Tips: Compare prices and find awesome travel sales at Travel Supermarket. Our own travel section is pretty nifty, and we’ve also got deals on the Friends and Family Railcard through the end of July.