Details on the Apple Watch have landed! And the question isn’t IF you’ll get one, only WHEN.

But what if you could acquire this coveted gadget cheaper than its full UK price? Find out how much you could save internationally with our handy comparison of Apple Watch prices around the globe:


Unsurprisingly the US clocks in (#seewhatwedidthere) the cheapest, with the 38mm Apple Watch priced at £366. That’s over £110 less than the equivalent UK price of £479 for the same Watch. And then there’s the Edition version, a cool £6,672 in the US as opposed to £8,000 in the UK.

Of course, that doesn’t factor in shipping costs, or any international tariffs/duty fees you’d have to pay for acquiring a pricey gadget abroad. But in case you do fancy a last-minute tech hunting holiday, pop over to Holiday Pirates for US-bound flight deals.

Unconvinced that this new incarnation of wearable tech is a sign that The Future is Now? Check out some of the snazzy things it does and get back to us:

Wrist Com Central: Apple Watch connects to your iPhone (version 5 and up) so you can receive calls, read emails, send texts and track calendar appointments. It keeps incredibly precise time by checking constantly against the definitive global time standard, and is, of course, armed with everyone’s favourite robot secretary, Siri. It also gently “taps” you when it wants to get your attention.

Dozens of Apps: Via the touch screen, you have access to all the apps you need including social networks. Rumour has it you’ll also be able to automatically check into hotels and open doors with it, eventually at least.

Fitness First: One of the most interesting functions of Apple Watch is its ability to measure your heart rate and track your movements throughout the day. It stores this information, as well as any workout stats, so that it can give you progress reports.

Pick Your Poison: There are three different versions of the Watch: Sport, Watch and Edition. Each one is made from different materials (anodized aluminum, stainless steel and 18 karat yellow or rose gold) and can have either a 38mm or 42mm face. The estimated battery life for all is around 18 hours.

Start Lining Up: Apple Watch will be available in-store starting 24th April, 2015 but you can pre-order it as soon as 10th April. It will be launched initially in only nine countries: the UK and US, as well as Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Canada, Australia, France and China.

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