There are two kinds of people in this world: those who spend all year planning the perfect Halloween fancy dress, and those who run around the day before trying to find something, ANYTHING, that isn’t a witch or sexy pumpkin.

If you’re the latter, stop and take a deep breath. With these simple, clever fancy dress ideas you only need what’s already in your (or your bestie’s) closet. You’ll be dressed and ready to impress, lickety-split. No running required, and cheap as chips.

50 Shades of Grey
This one’s so obvious and silly you won’t believe you didn’t think of it yourself (don’t worry we didn’t think of it either). Just pop on over to your local hardware store, or whenever sells house paint, and gather a whole bunch of paint chips that show the different shades of grey and black hues. Then take them home pin them all over yourself, on top of a black shirt and pants (bonus points if you actually count out 50 shades). Viola!

Ice Bucket Challenge
All you need is a bucket, wet-looking hair and some ice cube trays to drive the point home. There’s also more involved tutorial over on Refinery 29 that we were definitely inspired by. Either way, have fun and remember, half the beer donations you get go to us.

Ice Bucket Challenge Photo

Margot Tenenbaum
Of course, any of the Tenenbaums are fair game — and easily recognisable. Margot is perhaps the fashionista’s choice however, with her stick-straight blonde bob, dark eyeliner and fur coat. If you’re fur averse, an oversized camel coat will do nicely too. Don’t forget the gloves, red hair barrette and secret stash of cigarettes.

Freudian Slip
You know where we’re going with this, don’t you? It’s a great last minute choice that’s sure to get a few laughs. Grab a slip, write or stick a bunch of psychoanalysis-related words (like Id, Ego, Oedipal Complex, etc) onto it and get ready to do the Monster Kiss — erm, MASH.

Pregnant Pause
This one is especially effective if you’re actually pregnant, but a pillow stuffed into some Spanx will also do. Then draw a big ellipses (…) in black marker on a white shirt and off you go!

Cereal Killer
Will the puns never cease? NOPE. Wear a couple of brutally cut up boxes of cereal on your person and carry a (fake) knife. Blood spatter optional. Dexter would be so proud.

Wednesday Addams
Hate everything? You’re in good company. Pair a black button-up with a white collar and long braids. No smiling.

Addams Family / Addams Family

Duct Tape Skeleton
Not  just for kids (though they’ll love it too). Use white duct tape to create skeleton “bones” on a white shirt and black pants. If you have the time and inclination, slap on some spooky facepaint too.

Flying Bat
Got an extra black umbrella laying around? Is the Queen English?! This awesome tutorial shows you how to turn it into bat wings. All you need besides is a black hoodie. Maybe some cat ears, but we don’t have to get too carried away.