Yuletide, along with its various traditions and observances, is almost upon us. As many of us look forward to caroling, pulling crackers and carving turkey, an increasingly large number are partaking in a more contemporary Christmas craze; wearing Xmas jumpers. Inspired by the kitch knits of yesteryear Xmas jumper popularity has steadily grown in the past decade, aided partly by charity events such as Xmas Jumper Day, this year taking part of Friday 18th December. Christmas jumpers range from classic Fair Isle or embellished patterns, to outrageous, punny and garish knits, meaning there’s something to match any style or taste.

Fancy getting in on the action at a fraction of the cost? Our tips below will help you feel fabulously festive in a cosy, eye-catching knit.


In With the Old

The Jumper of Christmas Past

With the increase in Christmas Jumper popularity you’re highly likely to know someone who already owns one. Ask around to see if there’s someone you can borrow or exchange one with this year. If you’re not having any luck with this, why not repurpose an xmas jumper you already own, or visit a local charity shop to see if they have any for sale.

Repurpose A Jumper

If you’re not keen on buying a jumper this year, consider jazzing up a regular jumper to make it more festive. Tinsel, baubles and even fairy lights can be added to a regular jumper to add some Christmas cheer. If you’re feeling really creative take a look at stores such as Hobbycraft, where you’ll find everything you need to add custom embellishments.


Retail Therapy – Outlets Offering the Best Discount Knits!

Verything Voucherbox Xmas Jumpers

Some of the Voucherbox Team in their Jacamo jumpers


Jacamo offers a host of Christmas goodies, including cosy onesies, festive t-shirts and of course, Xmas jumpers. Keep an eye on our Jacamo voucher page to stay up to date with possible discounts.


Menswear specialist Topman offer a funny, cheery, festive and just plain cheeky line of Christmas jumpers . Be sure to check out the store’s Christmas Jumper Battle to get great ideas and to see what and who is battling it out for the top spot. New customers can even get 10% off their first order.


ASDA offers a range of jumpers for Christmas, including novelty pieces from just £12 and maternity fits. Knits are available for adults and children alike, and new customers can enjoy £10 off of their order when they spend over £50 on the Xmas food shop!