Maree Hamilton 

In a past life Maree was an e-commerce design copywriter living in Brooklyn; this explains her penchant for well-brewed coffee, distressed denim jackets and decorating with branches.

Luckily now she blogs for Verything, where she can discover and share more about her favourite topics (shoes and dragons among them) and also learn how to properly incorporate terms like ‘brekkie’ into her vocabulary.

When she’s not writing or devising new ways to display her extensive collection of hats, she’s either at a yoga class, watching Mad Men, or making nachos with entirely too much cheese. Her parents met while working in Antarctica, so she’d really like to go there someday.

Feel free to send book, bourbon or beach recommendations to her at maree.hamilton (at)




Lyndsey Author Bio

Lyndsey Doherty

As a blogger for Verything, Lyndsey likes to share her knowledge about the things she loves the most.  A keen traveller, her most exciting adventure has been 2 months on a motorbike exploring the nooks and crannies of the beautiful country of Vietnam.

On a normal day you may find her trying to find time to experiment with crochet hooks and sewing machines whilst listening to Frightened Rabbit.

Being from Northern Ireland and having lived in both the North and the South of England she is well versed in pasties, parmos and the best flavour of Tayto crisps (cheese and onion of course).