When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, is it really the thought that counts? Turns out it might be!

We asked 2,000 women from across the UK how they would feel if their partner bought their Valentine’s Day gift in the sale.

  • 59% of respondents, an overwhelming majority, said they wouldn’t mind if their gift was bought in the sale, and that it’s “the thought that counts.”
  • 11% even said they’d be proud of having such a thrifty partner — the couple that saves together is the couple that stays together, after all.
  • 6% of respondents did say they’d be very disappointed if their gift was bought in the sale, but for them we have three words: haters gonna hate.

These results, therefore, confirm what we’ve always thought to be true, which is that what women really, actually want on Valentine’s Day is to feel special. And making someone feel special doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive.

It does require being thoughtful, though. So here how to make your lady feel like a million pounds on Valentine’s Day — without breaking the bank (hint: don’t forget the chocolate).

Woman scolding man

Plan an Adventure or Activity

Studies show that the positive effects gained from doing activities or traveling last longer than the temporary pleasure of receiving material items. So take her to do something fun!

Does she have a big heart and like helping people? Since Valentine’s Day is a on a Saturday this year, find out if you can both volunteer at a local charity (bonus points if it involves puppies). Or try planting clues all around your city or village and lead her on a scavenger hunt — ideally one that includes places that have special meaning to you both.

There’s also nothing better than a few high-stakes rounds of Laser Quest to get your heart rates up and hone your couple’s teamwork skills.

Surprise Her

The best thing about is a surprise is that the only criteria it requires is that she shouldn’t be expecting it.

Apart from that, it can be anything from a romantic three-course dinner you made yourself using only her favourite foods (don’t forget the candles!) to concert tickets to see a band she loves or a bouquet of her favourite flowers to delivered to her first thing in the morning.

You could also surreptitiously fix something in her flat that she hasn’t had time to do, or take her to an antique store, flea market or car boot sale (without telling her where you’re headed, of course) to pick out something special — and this time promise not to whine when she spends an hour choosing between lamps.

And remember, nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” better than making chocolate appear out of no where (i.e. your pocket).

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Save on a Special Gift with a Voucher Code

For the instance when you do want to get her something that’s a tad on the pricey side, remember: discount and voucher codes are your friend — or, more appropriately, your wingman.

When you know where to look (try right here), you can find a deal on almost everything from beautiful jewellery to all-inclusive trips to bottles of Veuve Clicquot. Think of full-price as being a starting point for negotiations. And since saving money with a voucher code isn’t technically shopping the sale, even the pickiest 6% can’t complain (and your secret is safe with us).

Make it Personal

There’s a reason writers get laid a lot, despite the over-sized spectacles and ugly jumpers, and that’s the seductive power their words have on the reader. Even if you’re no Shakespeare, writing a letter to someone is a truly romantic gesture that won’t go unappreciated — especially if it comes with a long-stemmed red rose.

If that’s not your style, there are plenty of other options. Are you good with your hands? Build or carve something for her. Is there a photo you took that she fancies? Get it printed (don’t forget the frame). There are also sites that will turn your Instagram snaps into custom things like magnets and stickers.

A sweet, clever thing we’ve seen? Get the pub you both frequent to feature a cocktail named after her. A GOOD cocktail that is. Variations on a Sex on the Beach don’t count.

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