To celebrate family week and the improving weather, we bring you the top 5 sports which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

1. Rounders

– Equipment: bat and ball
– Type of playing field: grassy field, beach

This classic sport has been played by families for centuries and popular amongst adults and children alike. The equipment involved is inexpensive and you can find a bat and ball set for under a tenner in most large sports retailers. The aim of course is to score as many rounders as possible by hitting a ball with a bat and running around all the bases before the fielders can get the ball back to the bowler. In terms of player numbers, the-more-the-merrier is a good rule here. The higher the number of fielders you have on the pitch, the harder it will be for the batter to score a rounder. It also makes for a faster pace and therefore added excitement. Small families fear not, a simplified version can still be enjoyed by two to three players if you are just looking to hit the ball around on a sunny afternoon.

2. Touch Rugby

– Equipment: rugby ball or soft ball
– Type of playing field: grassy field, beach

Much more family friendly than rugby league or rugby union, there are several versions of touch rugby that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Again, this is a sport for the bigger families and one you might want to suggest at events when the extended family are invited. 6-8 people is enough for a small game with the aim being the same as professional rugby, to score a try. You can make sure to keep things simple by awarding a single point for each try and keep things clean by awarding a try for running into the try zone rather than diving into it and having to put the ball down. If you’re already wearing suitable clothing however, why not go the extra mile and dive over the line in celebration!

3. Cycling

– Equipment: bikes
– Type of playing field: cycle path, dirt path

Cycling is a great way to get a different perspective of your local area. You can get to places that aren’t accessible by car and you can take in a much bigger area in an afternoon than you can by walking. If you don’t already have family bikes, you can rent them for the day for as little as £10 per bike at many bike shops across the country. If you do already have them, this can be a very cost-effective family activity and if there are enough cycle paths in your area, you can save on petrol money by setting off on a ride directly from home. Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

4. Table Tennis

– Equipment: table tennis bats, net and ball
– Type of playing field: hard flat table or surface

There are some cities in the UK where you can play on outdoor ping pong tables for free, including; Bristol, Oxford and London. All you’ll have to do is turn up with a bat and ball and an afternoon of mini-Wimbledon awaits! If there aren’t any free tables in your area, the good news is you can order an instant table tennis set for under £15. These sets usually include two bats, balls and a stick-on net which will allow you to turn any flat surface into a ping pong table. If, as is often the case in British spring time, it happens to be rainy, you can always rent tables at your local sports centre. These tend to be very reasonably priced at around £15 per hour including all necessary equipment.


5. Football

– Equipment: a football or softball
– Type of playing field: grassy field, tarmac, beach

This one is easy, no need for any expensive equipment, just a football and you’re good to go on most playing surfaces. Light-weight footballs also known as ‘fly-aways’ are available for as little as £1 in some toy shops. These are ideal, especially if you are playing in crowded areas as there is no danger of bystanders getting injured with a stray pass. If you use a softball here, the younger kids can join in too.

Bonus tip: whichever sport you choose, remember not to take it too seriously and let the little ones win every now and again. You can also save on a range of sportswear and accessories for football, rugby and cycling, right now at adidas.