With visions of fulfilled New Year’s Resolutions dancing in your head, now is the time when you might be inclined to sign-up for a gym membership — even though you actually hate going. Don’t do it! You’ll just end up wasting money down the line and feeling guilty for every week that passes without a visit.

There are plenty of great ways to get fit that don’t involve an ill-functioning elliptical machine. These five emerging fitness trends are an awesome way to get your workout on, gym-free.

1. Apps and Streaming Video Workouts

A growing trend that’s only going to get bigger is calisthenics, e.g. exercises that require only your body weight. When you pair that with apps and other online workouts, it’s a match made in heaven. From live-streaming training sessions to tailored workouts delivered via an app that can also tell your pace, it’s possible now more than ever to get fit without having to get yourself to the gym.

We Recommend: Trying out an app like Fitstar which offers a range of exercise styles and routines.

2. Barre Classes

A class designed around classical ballet moves, barre has exploded in popularity over the past year. The workout itself is particularly good at improving strength and flexibility, and just might make you feel a bit more graceful in daily life to boot.

We Recommend: Hot barre, which is a bar routine in a room heated to around 40° degrees. The temperature helps deepen the stretch, and allows your body to better release toxins. Sweat it out!

3. Skipping Rope

Turns out that activity you loved so much as a child is one heck of a cardio workout, and improves your coordination and balance too. While snagging your own rope and having a go at home is one way to get started, you could also check out Punk Rope classes for a more social experience.

We Recommend: Incorporating rope-skipping into your existing routine as a warm-up.

woman jumping rope at home

4. Aerial Yoga

You already know all about how awesome yoga is for your body and brain, so now imagine how great it would be to do all of that in the AIR. Aerial yoga is an excellent full-body workout with the added benefit of being incredibly low-impact on your joints. Do headstands without the headache!

We Recommend: Checking out AntiGravity Yoga UK for information on where to sign up for classes.

5. Competitive Spin Classes

If the mass proliferation of studios like SoulCycle is anything to go by, spinning is here to stay. And the next evolution of stationary cycling will be a heightened level of competition. To increase motivation (and in a way, social interaction too), bikes or other devices will measure your stats and rank you compared to your classmates. Challenge accepted!

We Recommend: Giving it a try, even if you’re normally put off by competitive sports. You’d be surprised how motivational it is see how well you’re doing compared to others — and how good it feels to push yourself to do better.