That wall in your sitting room/hallway/kitchen stares menacingly at you every day, and all you can do is stare back in some approximation of disdain (which is actually fear). Arm yourself with some of these crafty decorating ideas, and get ready to do proper battle.

1. Plates and Teacups
You’ve been collecting every Blue Willow-patterned plate/saucer/teacup you find at flea markets and car boot sales for years (much to the chagrin of your co-habitators, we might add) and you rarely have occasion to use them. All you need to transform your collection into country house-worthy decor are a few nifty plate hangers (readily available on eBay), some vintage hooks and a little imagination (check out this time and finger-saving tutorial). Hang them in tidy rows, random sets or try a burst/wave formation. Then plan what you’ll be able to fit into the cupboards now…

2. Tea Towels and/or Scarves
What would one do without decorative tea towels? Well, actually be able to effectively DRY the wet dishes for one. And prominently displaying those that are particularly kitschy or embroidered-beyond-use is a great alternative to stuffing them in a drawer. Trying putting them in mismatched frames to create a small salon wall, or hang them with clothes pin and some twine for a farmhouse look.

3. Records
Both sheathed and unsheathed, vinyl records have helped DJs and aging hippies decorate for decades. Displaying your favourite album covers is an excellent way to establish instant music-cred at your next party, while hanging the actual record itself can add a modern pop to any room. For the covers, try using a trouser hanger as mounting hardware, and for the vinyl, a large nail in the spindle hole should so the trick (#thatswhatshesaid).

4. Hats
Really, you can’t wear more than one at any given time without looking like a (probably homeless) lunatic anyway — and they’re not the easiest thing to store. A well-placed row of them, or a more abstract formation, is a classic and simple way to display your style cred or impressive cowboy hat collection. Yeehaw, indeed.

Hats hanging on wall

5. Clothes
Before you recoil in horror at the prospect of airing your dirty (or clean!) laundry, hear us out. We all have that one dress, suit, dress suit or perhaps jumpsuit that we ill-advisedly (see: drunk) bought and never wear but love soooooooo much. Might as well hang it wear you can see it! (seewhatwedidthere). Try creating an entire outfit on a hanger, including accessories and maybe even a hat. Instant fashion studio.

6. Books
If you’re anything like us, these are already “stacked artfully” around your flat (e.g. in tottering piles on every available surface). With a wee bit of patience and a dash of colour theory, turn you tombs into Pinterest-ready decor. Colour-coded stacks on the floor, for example, make those unwieldy piles look neat and organized, while one or two well-placed invisible shelves piled with hardcovers add a touch of whimsy to your walls.

7. Fabric or Wall Paper Samples
Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting a project as epic as re-papering your walls. Individual sheafs of sample wall paper, however, can add an abstract design without being too bold a statement (like those hot pink faux antlers you’ve been coveting). Snag a cheap, oversized frame from a flea market (or the rubbish bins, if it’s not terribly suspicious-looking) and spray paint it a complementary (or purposefully clashing) colour. Tack the wall paper or fabric piece inside of it, or even directly to the wall with the frame placed on top. Viola!

8. Wine Corks
No judgement here if it’s true that a stressful work week yields at least 4 or 5 of these. Start saving them, and before long you’re ready to make a large abstract wall hanging, or at least add texture to another piece — an oversized wooden letter, perhaps. Since cork is a fairly lightweight material, it doesn’t take more than some rubber cement to attach these little soldiers.

9. Branches
Just be sure not to go overkill, lest your flat begin to resemble an enchanted forest of sorts… but a well-shaped branch that’s been more or less rubbed clean serves perfectly as both decoration and organisation. Hang everything from jewellery to scarves on it, or let a more sturdy find double as a bookshelf. Another option is to gather some long twigs into a bunch and tie it up with some twine. Tres treehouse chic!

10. Birthday and Postcards
Your mum sends you a card for every occasion — Easter to Halloween — and you feel guilty just throwing them away. Similarly, your refrigerator is covered with postcards from all of your highly motivated, jet-setting friends. Choose the best of the best (recycle the others, we won’t tell) and create a salon wall of sorts over a workspace or in a hallway. Mum will be tickled when she visits, and your other guests will get a kick out of her punny sense of humour.

Image attributions: Flickr users Renée S. Suen and wakingphotolife.